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<strong>Employee Spotlight: Alex Matheson, Software Engineer for Trucker Tools</strong>

Employee Spotlight: Alex Matheson, Software Engineer for Trucker Tools

In this ongoing Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing you to the talented folks working here at Trucker Tools. This newest Employee Spotlight blog is dedicated to Alex Matheson, who joined the Trucker Tools team last month as a software engineer. Alex is a Southern California native who primarily works on Trucker Tools’ free driver mobile app that connects drivers and carriers…

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<strong>What Is an Owner/Operator?</strong>

What Is an Owner/Operator?

In the business world, some small business owners also are in charge of the day-to-day operations of that business. These business owners who wear the dual hats of ownership and operations are referred to as owner/operators. In the trucking business, an owner/operator is an individual who not only drives their big rig, but who also runs all aspects of the business…

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<strong>What Is Full Truck Load? </strong>

What Is Full Truck Load? 

Full truck load, also known as FTL, is a term that refers to ground transportation by a semi-truck in which the entire truck and its trailer are dedicated to a single load or shipment. Generally speaking, full truck load transportation services are recommended for heavy haul and large shipments. It’s also the preferred mode of transportation for loads that require…

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<strong>What Is Factoring? </strong>

What Is Factoring? 

If you’re relatively new to the motor carrier or owner operator business, you’ve likely heard the term factoring or freight factoring from your colleagues, which may leave you asking, “What is factoring?” Invoice factoring is used by businesses of all sizes and types to solve cash flow problems by providing immediate payment of invoices. A factoring company is a third-party that…

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<strong>Freight Brokers: What They Do and How To Become One</strong>

Freight Brokers: What They Do and How To Become One

If you’re curious about or new to the transportation industry, you’ve likely heard the term freight broker but may not know exactly what freight brokers do. Freight brokers play an essential role in the trucking and transportation industries. In the simplest terms, freight brokers connect owner operators and trucking companies with businesses that need to transport their goods by truck. You…

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<strong>Where Can I Find Loads for Box Trucks?</strong>

Where Can I Find Loads for Box Trucks?

Also known as a “straight truck,” box trucks come in different sizes and often function as small dry van trailers within the trucking industry. They are ideal for smaller loads and typically can be driven by someone without a CDL, which is why the popularity of box trucks has soared in recent months. As an owner operator or someone working…

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<strong>Best Truck Tracking App</strong>

Best Truck Tracking App

Tracking is an essential part of doing business in the trucking industry, with mobile apps playing an outsized role in truck tracking. If you’re an asset-based freight broker with a dedicated fleet, you may need to use an asset truck tracking app to monitor the location of your equipment and to know exactly what your fleet is doing. Both non-asset…

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<strong>How To Find Freight Carriers </strong>

How To Find Freight Carriers 

As a freight broker, your primary mission is to find freight carriers to meet your shipper’s truckload transportation needs. Of course, it’s not just about finding any available carrier or driver. Rather, you need to find the right carrier for each individual load that your shipper needs hauled. Does the carrier have the necessary equipment for the load? Does the carrier’s…

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