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Don’t get left behind in the digital brokerage revolution: strategies for success

Title: Don’t Get Left Behind in the Digital Brokerage Revolution: Strategies for Success

Duration: 37:00 mins

  • Prasad Gollapalli, CEO & Founder of Trucker Tools
  • Michelle Potter, Sr. Director of Strategic Development of England Logistics

Description: There’s an old adage in the tech industry: adapt or die.  The same could be said for today’s freight brokerage industry, which is undergoing disruptive change unlike any seen in recent memory. And its both scope and speed of change that’s challenging today’s brokers to effectively adapt.  What’s the path to success?  What decisions do brokers need to be considering and acting on today – about technologies, business processes, partners, workforce skills and capacity – to ensure they can compete, thrive and prosper?   How does a current McLeod Software user evaluate emerging technologies and choose those that are cost effective and will complement and extend the ROI on their McLeod investment?

These and other issues will be tackled in an interactive discussion featuring Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools, which operates one of the industry’s fastest-growing, broker-focused platforms for shipment and capacity visibility, predictive freight matching and carrier relationship management – and is an integrated McLeod Software solution partner. Joining Prasad will be Michelle Potter, Senior Director, Strategic Development with England Logistics. The session will address topics including:

  • What are the key barriers to growth for today’s brokers and their carrier-partners?
  • How do you stay abreast of emerging technologies, and evaluate their capability to complement and enhance your McLeod Software? How to you select and integrate these technologies, what should you look for to enhance TMS performance, what are the top 5 questions you should be asking?
  • How do you bring your workforce along in the journey as a change agent, helping them adjust culturally as you streamline business processes and employ new enabling new technologies?
  • Fighting FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and overcoming traditional inertia and resistance to change as new technologies emerge and are deployed.

Standing pat is not an option.  Learn from this session concrete steps you can take to develop the right strategies and tactics, make smart decisions, evolve your business and extend the value of your McLeod Software investment, and keep moving forward in ways that turn disruptive change to competitive advantage.