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Tap into the largest carrier network and achieve 90% visibility

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Text to Track

Carrier friendly mobile app

90% visibility compliance

Geotagged document upload

Custom polygonal geofences

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Achieve Over 90% Visbility

With Trucker Tools visibility and tracking solutions, know where every load is — in real time, from beginning to end — all from a single pane of glass that’s seamlessly integrated into your systems and workflows for maximum efficiency.

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Protect Against Fraud

Pre-vet new carriers and build new carrier relationships with a tech stack that helps you identify potential fraud. Date-stamped document scans of PODs are transmitted directly to your TMS.

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Improve Cross Border Tracking

Tracking made as easy as possible, even across borders with international phone numbers. Send and receive tracking-related messages via WhatsApp as an alternative to SMS messaging.

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“We’ve caught a big number of fraudulent issues thanks to Trucker Tools. Trucker Tools is the first place we check. It’s our first line of defense. If we see a ping that is overseas or off-route, we can get the shipper or carrier actively involved and have photos taken to ensure it’s the same load. We’re really able to get ahead of nefarious activity with Trucker Tools.”

Jeff Henderson
SVP, Ryan Transportation

“From our standpoint, the one-click ELD integrations are great. I know carriers love it. We had an Iowa-based carrier just last week that runs one or two loads each week for us in the same lane. The operations manager for the carrier was blown away that she could get this ELD integration done in a couple of minutes.”

Zack Perlman
Procurement Manager, Makt-Trans

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