Case Studies

Makt-Trans Increases Shipment Visibility to 96 Percent With Trucker Tools

Grizz Logistics Increases Freight Visibility to More Than 90 Percent, Wins Large Shipper Contracts with Trucker Tools

Ryan Transportation Achieves 90 Percent Load Visibility, Increases Load Volume by 11 Percent with Trucker Tools

Trinity Logistics Raises the Bar on Operational Efficiency, Provides Convenient Options to Carriers with Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Matching and Book It Now®

Surge Transportation Surpasses Shipper Visibility KPIs, Reduces Check Calls and Expands Customer Base with Trucker Tools’ Real-Time Freight Tracking

LTI Delivers Reduces Check-Calls
by 40% aND Achieves 86% Visibility

3PL Scores 97 Percent Freight Tracking Accuracy, 20 Percent Greater Efficiency with Trucker Tools

Syfan Logistics Case Study

How Syfan Logistics reaches average
tracking compliance of 84% with carrier favorite driver app from Trucker Tools.

Helps Brokers Increase Micro Carrier Volume and Efficiency

Read more to find out how Smart Capacity Helps Brokers Increase Micro Carrier Volume and Efficiency.