Trucker Tools’ Load Tracking Provides Transparency for Truckers

As an owner-operator or small trucking company, it’s likely that your broker/shipper partners ask you to use specific freight tracking software when you haul their loads. You may be asked to share your location information with brokers and others through your smartphone with a freight-tracking app or by sharing the location data collected by your ELD.

Most truckers and carriers want to know if their privacy is being protected with these freight tracking technologies. With this in mind, we discuss three different kinds of freight tracking technology and the transparency of each.

Tracking-only, Single-Function Apps

If you’re a trucker, you’ve no doubt been asked by your broker, 3PL and shipper partners to use single-feature tracking-only apps for each load that you haul for them. It’s not always clear, however, when these tracking-only apps stop tracking your location. Does tracking stop an hour or two after the load has been delivered? Does tracking continue as long as the app is open? And what happens with the location data that is collected? Is my privacy as a trucker being protected?

When there is no notification of when load tracking is on or off, it can be difficult to tell when load tracking stops and starts. If you’re an owner-operator or small trucking company, you may uninstall these tracking apps after every use exactly because of these lingering questions.

ELD Location Data Sharing

By the end of this year, all trucks will need to have electronic logging devices installed and compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ELD mandate, including existing automatic on-board recording devices. Though ELDs are designed to monitor hours-of-service, some brokers and shippers may be requesting access to the location data from your ELD in order to track freight.

The main issue with using a trucker’s ELD for freight tracking is that it is not always clear when location information is being shared, for how long and with whom. It can be hard to tell exactly who has access to your location information.

Trucker Tools’ Transparent Load Tracking

The load tracking tool included in the Trucker Tools driver app respects the privacy of truckers and provides transparency around sharing your location information with others. Trucker Tools’ load tracking is real-time, so the app only needs to share your location while you’re moving a load from one destination to another. Any time that your location information is being shared, you receive a smartphone notification that tells you that tracking is on, with whom the information is being shared and the associated load. You can also pause and stop tracking as needed. This puts you in control of when and how your location information is shared, which is important.

Trucker Tools, we put truckers at the center of everything we do. That’s why we’ve designed a multi-functional, free driver app that does more than just track freight. Trucker Tools’ driver app is an all-in-one lifestyle app that aggregates information on truck stops, fuel prices, optimal routes, Walmart locations, load matching and more, and puts that information right at your fingertips.

Trucker Tools’ driver app provides the freight tracking your brokers want while simplifying your life on the road. Using Trucker Tools’ driver app saves you valuable time so that you can move more loads. Instead of using seven or eight different apps during your busy day, you can use just one.

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