Surge Surpasses Shipper Visibility KPIs,
Reduces Check Calls and Expands Customer Base with Trucker Tools’ Real-Time Freight Tracking.

Roadmap for Successful Technology Implementation.

How Smart-Capticity Helps Brokers Increase Micro-Carrier Volume and Efficiency

How Smart Capacity Helps Brokers Increase Micro-Carrier Volume and Efficiency.

infographic Syfan

How Sfyan Logistics reaches peak compliance of 95% and an average of 84% with carrier favorite driver app from Trucker Tools.

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3PL Scores 97%
Load Tracking Accuracy, 20% Greater Efficiency with Trucker Tools.

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LTI Delivers Reduces Check-Calls by 40%, Achieves 86% Visibility Compliance and Increases Shipper Service with Trucker Tools’ Visibility Solution.