Book Reliable carriers days in advance with automation

Harness automation to post and book spot market freight in advance. Enable carrier reps to tender loads, negotiate rates, and book loads faster than ever directly inside your TMS.

Automate repetitive load booking tasks

Modernize your carrier reps with access to the automation tools they need to post, negotiate, and book more freight.

Reach 350k+ active and vetted MCs

Expand your network of trusted carriers. More vetted carriers use Trucker Tools than any other platform.

Manage loads from your TMS

Experience the future of automated load management integrated directly into your TMS.

Book It Now

Carrier Rep Automation

Automate core carrier rep functions with Book It Now, including tendering loads to core carriers, negotiating rates, and booking instantly.


Data-Driven Load Marketing

Enable our industry-leading load marketing automation. Instantly notify carriers who match your loads and tailor offers based on their location, preferences, and future routes.


Smart Negotiations

Offer a modern load booking experience. Set minimum and maximum bids to automate bidding or give carriers a single rate with the ability to Book It Now.


Smart Routes

Automatically email your loads to carriers to speed up booking times and give your trusted carriers first dibs on your loads. 


Carrier Identity Validation

Prevent fraud by implementing user level validation to verify carrier operating authority.

Reporting and Dashboards

Easily update the metrics you care about and add new visualizations to your dashboard.


“We get offers and bookings daily and what we cover through Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform we cover at a profit. The platform itself is intuitive and easy to use. We also love Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage because it helps carriers get accustomed to us. We have built carrier relationships through the platform and have new carriers now hauling for us that we didn’t have before."

Greg Brown
Procurement Manager, Sunset Transportation

“We have seen an increase of more than 20 percent in compliance and tracking across our floor. We now have 90 percent visibility for our customers and our people don’t have to make calls if tracking isn’t working. Instead, we get alerted by Trucker Tools rather than having to constantly monitor it ourselves. Not only is our visibility world class, but we’ve also seen an 11 percent increase in loads booked due to Trucker Tools’ technology.”

Brandon Beck
VP of Operations, Ryan Transportation

Freight Never Booked So Good