The Ultimate Carrier Sourcing Platform

Elevate your carrier sourcing strategy with integrated carrier tracking performance data to provide real-time insights into service levels, carrier preferences, and more.

Streamline Carrier Selection

Refine your carrier selection strategy to guarantee the right carrier for every load.

Embrace Good Actors

Pinpoint carriers with a proven track record in the lanes you need. 

Build your Trusted Carrier Network

Build your network of reliable carriers to quickly source capacity.

Carrier Check

Embrace good actors and avoid bad actors. Validate carrier credentials, tracking performance, and more by searching carrier MC or DOT details.

Lane Search

Streamline your carrier selection strategy to quickly source capacity with targeted searches for carriers by specific origin, destination, and equipment type.

Carrier Profile

View comprehensive carrier information, including heat maps, tracking performance, and more.

Calculate Your Savings

See how much you can save weekly using sourcing new carriers with Trucker Tools.

See Carrier Sourcing in Action

Book a demo today and join top freight brokerages on the only carrier sourcing tool with integrated carrier tracking performance data.

Brett Suma

"Honestly, we partnered with Trucker Tools because that’s what the carriers told us they wanted to use. They adopted your tracking and it made their lives easier so they wanted to use you guys."

Brett Suma
CEO, Loadsmith
Jeff Henderson

“Trucker Tools has been ahead of the curve. When we originally switched over to Trucker Tools from our previous visibility provider, Trucker Tools was already using GPS while everyone else was still on cell towers. With Trucker Tools, we are much more efficient. We’ve basically eliminated the need to make all check calls.”

Jeff Henderson
SVP, Ryan Transportation