Trucker Tools’ 2024 Freight Outlook with Will Jenkins

Watch Trucker Tools’ CEO, Kary Jablonski, and Journey’s CEO and Founder, Will Jenkins, for our TIA hosted webinar “Trucker Tools’ 2024 Freight Outlook with Will Jenkins.”

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The Next Mile: Exploring Market Trends in Freight for 2024

Watch Trucker Tools CEO, Kary Jablonski, and MODE Global Chief Transportation Officer, Gene Welsh, for “The Next Mile: Exploring Market Trends in Freight for 2024.”

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Near Real Time Data: The Key to Optimizing your Digital Booking Strategy

Incorporating real-time rate data into your digital booking strategy drives higher profit margins and higher digital booking success. But what rates are most important and how can your brokerage apply the data to optimize your digital booking strategy?

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Take Back Control: Fraud-Proofing your Carrier Sourcing

Watch Trucker Tools Product Marketing Manager, Maddie Horton, and Sunset Transportation Procurement Manager, Gregory Brown, for “Take Back Control: Fraud-Proofing your Carrier Sourcing.”

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What to Expect this Peak Season and into 2024

One of the major questions being asked recently is: When will the freight market turn? In the past few months there has been much uncertainty in the industry, but between recent bankruptcies and layoffs, there may be hope for a booming peak season and market turn in 2024. Watch this webinar to hear from Samantha …

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Freight Tech CEOs Open Discussion on Fraud Prevention

Freight Tech CEOs partnered up to share how they see clients use technology to actionably prevent fraud. Watch as Cassandra Gaines from Carrier Assure and Kary Jablonski from Trucker Tools as they discuss the 10 most actionable ways to prevent fraud.

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Top 3 Strategies to Prevent Fraud

Fraud across the industry is increasing at an unprecedented rate, with an estimated $700M being lost to freight fraud. So what are some strategies that brokers can put in place to help prevent fraud from happening?
Watch this webinar to learn the most common types of fraud and where they are happening today, and internal strategies brokers can put in place to prevent fraud.

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How To Eliminate Fraud for Freight Brokers

Hear from Ryan Transportation’s SVP Jeff Henderson and Trucker Tools’ CTO, Murali Yellepeddy as they discuss fraud and why it’s an increasing problem in the industry, how pre-vetted relationships help protect against fraud, and how to leverage technology to prevent fraud both domestically and across borders.

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