Real-Time Temperature tracking

Effortlessly monitor temperature sensitive loads, with cold-chain load tracking from pickup to delivery

Secure More RFPs

Don’t miss out on winning RFPs for floral, produce, and more due to lack of temperature tracking.

Ace Scorecards

Level up your brokerage rankings with real-time temperature tracking data to keep your shippers satisfied.

Proactive Monitoring

Customize thresholds and configure alerts. Monitor shipments to know when a load goes outside the expected range.

Real-Time Visibility

Receive location and temperature pings consistently for true start to finish visibility.

Threshold Alerts

Customizable alerts let you know if your shipment temperature went outside the expected range.

Multi-Zone Trailer Tracking

Need to track temperatures at different ranges? Our temperature tracking can monitor and alert on Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3 temperatures.


“We’ve caught a big number of fraudulent issues thanks to Trucker Tools. Trucker Tools is the first place we check. It’s our first line of defense. If we see a ping that is overseas or off-route, we can get the shipper or carrier actively involved and have photos taken to ensure it’s the same load. We’re really able to get ahead of nefarious activity with Trucker Tools.”

Jeff Henderson
SVP, Ryan Transportation

“Profit margin through Trucker Tools has been better than loads booked through traditional load boards and we have more than doubled our bookings compared to our previous DFM platform.”

Greg Brown
Procurement Manager, Sunset Transportation

“From our standpoint, the one-click ELD integrations are great. I know carriers love it. We had an Iowa-based carrier just last week that runs one or two loads each week for us in the same lane. The operations manager for the carrier was blown away that she could get this ELD integration done in a couple of minutes.”

Zack Perlman
Procurement Manager, Makt-Trans

ELD Tracking For Cold Chain Loads

A few of our growing network of cold chain ELD integration partners