provide real-time visibility on your loads through ELD and GPS

One-time setup to provide tracking on all your loads

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How To Connect

Your ELD integration details are FULLY CONFIDENTIAL and WILL NOT be shared. We will ONLY pull the last known location for trucks that are currently hauling a load for a Trucker Tools broker partner.

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What Are The Benefits


No driver participation required


Trucker Tools ELD connection and tracking feature is free for carriers


Provides an alternative tracking method if you don’t have a smartphone or supported device


Tracking will automatically start and stop

telephone handset

Reduces check calls


Keep a competitive edge with larger national fleets by matching tracking efficiencies


Trucker Tools acts as a buffer between the broker and carrier’s ELD to provide the broker with only necessary location data


Connect with hundreds of brokers to access premium freight

Our Partnered Providers

Trucker Tools integrates with 100+ ELD providers free of charge.

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“From our standpoint, the one-click ELD integrations are great. I know carriers love it. We had an Iowa-based carrier just last week that runs one or two loads each week for us in the same lane. The operations manager for the carrier was blown away that she could get this ELD integration done in a couple of minutes.”

Zack Perlman
Procurement Manager, Makt-Trans