Digital Freight Matching

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching helps brokers connect loads with available capacity.

Our digital freight matching helps you book more loads and reduces the number of calls you place to carriers. You are able to foster better relationships with your preferred carrier base to get better rates and eliminate “one load wonders”.

Trucker Tools digital freight matching was created to replace the traditional load boards available on the market and provide you with a private, secure and confidential technology to conduct business with carriers on your private network.

  • Trucker Tools digital load matching provides you with PREDICTIVE load matching, giving you more insights into your marketspace.
  • Book-It-Now® feature helps streamline the booking process, driving your efficiency and reducing overhead cost to book a load.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You make 20-30 calls to book one load.
  • You spend time onboarding new carriers, but never work with them again.
  • You’re bombarded with emails and other notifications offering capacity.
  • Your network of drivers doesn’t work efficiently, and you pay high rates to book a load.
  • Your access to capacity is limited.
  • You have no or little visibility to the location of the load and have to make numerous check- in calls.

If any of these sound familiar, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Trucker Tools digital freight matching was built as a powerful workflow tool to save time, increase productivity and keep carriers rolling with your freight.

What’s in it for you?

Grow your network. Leverage our connected platform of 165,000+ carriers and 1.3M+ drivers on our mobile app to move loads promptly and keep your preferred carriers rolling.

Book your freight and reduce the number of calls placed to locate a carrier and reduce the cost of covering a load. Enhance your productivity and increase your revenue through shorter “book to load” time.

Eliminate “one load wonders.” With the old system you won’t book a load with over 80% of carriers as they vanish after they deliver your load. Reconnect with these “one load wonders” using Trucker Tools digital freight matching and regularly BOOK freight with them.

Improve visibility. Know where your loads are located, spend less time making check in calls with carriers on the road.

Uniquely empowering brokers and carriers with real-time intelligence

98% of freight matched
with reliable trucks

predictive load

165,000+ active carriers and owner operators &
small carriers

1.3M+ participating

Secure, private and
confidential network

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