Load Visibility That Goes Beyond The Border

Meet Our Cross Border Toolkit – the load tracking solution purposefully built to increase cross-border visibility. 

Operational Challenges with Cross Border Shipping

Language Barrier

Language barriers with cross-border drivers lead to communication issues.

Communication Types

Mexican drivers tend to use WhatsApp over regular SMS.


Cargo theft and truck hijackings reported in Mexico have increased by 3%.

Meet Our Cross Border Toolkit

The increase of near shoring with Mexico has correlated to operational costs for our freight brokers and 3PLs. We’re here to help. Native to our Load Tracking platform, the Cross Border Toolkit is fully equipped to help your brokerage navigate cross border shipping and stop fraudulent activity in its tracks.  

WhatsApp to Track
Geotagged Document Scanning
ELD Integrations
Multilingual International Phone Support
Geofencing Alerts
International Addresses

Companies that put their trust in us.

Companies that put their Trust in us.

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Jeff Henderson

"We’ve caught a big number of fraudulent issues thanks to Trucker Tools. Trucker Tools is the first place we check. It’s our first line of defense. If we see a ping that is overseas or off-route, we can get the shipper or carrier actively involved and have photos taken to ensure it’s the same load. We’re really able to get ahead of nefarious activity with Trucker Tools."

Jeff Henderson
SVP, Ryan Transportation

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