How Does It Work?

What’s In It For You?

  • Rewards you for actions you’re already taking in the Trucker Tools app, at no cost
  • Allows you to become a carrier of choice for brokers by demonstrating loyalty through repeated actions
  • Incentives brokers to compete for driver eyeballs / loyalty – so if you have a strong rewards program – you have a competitive advantage

  • Makes you the “broker of choice” by drivers by increasing their earnings
  • Improves your carrier retention and builds strong relationships by providing an additional, easily redeemable monetary benefit to drivers
  • Enables you to educate drivers on “good behavior” that are customized to your team’s goals, such as Book It Nows, initiating load tracks, etc.
  • Saves you time and resources on searching for new drivers by building loyalty in your existing base

Is There A Cost?

This is completely free for drivers!

Brokers have the option to purchase a points package that can be offered to their drivers for completing actions in the Trucker Tools app.

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