Reward Drivers, Build relationships

A first of its kind rewards program that allows brokers to reward drivers for actions performed within the Trucker Tools app. 

Become the broker of choice for drivers

Reward drivers with points that can be redeemed for free gift cards to increase driver loyalty. 

Improve carrier retention

By providing a monetary benefit to drivers, you’ll build loyalty in your existing base to ensure they remain a trusted resource. 

Increase engagement through rewards

Set custom rewards to encourage drivers to interact with your team via Trucker Tools’ driver app.

Drive Loyalty

Join The Driver Loyalty Program


Start rewarding your carriers today.


Earn rewards for your daily actions.

Brett Suma

"Honestly, we partnered with Trucker Tools because that’s what the carriers told us they wanted to use. They adopted your tracking and it made their lives easier so they wanted to use you guys."

Brett Suma
CEO, Loadsmith

"We rely on our Mom and Pop owner-operators, especially for our sensitive freight capacity, which is why we require a visibility solution that is both accurate and popular with small carriers and owner-operators. Trucker Tools has been able to deliver on both counts.”

Diana Bullington
IT Director, Syfan Logistics

“We get offers and bookings daily and what we cover through Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform we cover at a profit. The platform itself is intuitive and easy to use. We also love Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage because it helps carriers get accustomed to us. We have built carrier relationships through the platform and have new carriers now hauling for us that we didn’t have before."

Greg Brown
Procurement Manager, Sunset Transportation

Freight Never Booked So Good