Trucker Tools + One Network Integration

The Kroger Co. has set new tracking standards for cold chain and freight visibility, and Trucker Tools is here to ensure you’re fully equipped to meet these new requirements through our integration with One Network Enterprises.

Step One

Kroger requires all carriers, brokers, and suppliers to sign and return the temperature and ELD letters to Kroger at

Step Two

Once you have submitted the ELD and Temperature letter to, register to join the network.

Tip: For the question “Are you a carrier or freight forwarder,” be sure to select “yes.”


Step Three

Fill out the Kroger Supplier Integration form. 

For Trucker Tools to receive credentials from One Network, please list:

  • Preferred Integration Method: API
  • Technical Contact Name: Trucker Tools
  • Technical Contact Email:
  • Temperature: I will have capability to share Temperature data with One Network although I am not yet ready to send

Step Four

Trucker Tools requires the following information when loads are created:

  • Shipper ID you plan to send us in our API for this customer
  • Confirm if you will be sending the One Network customer’s “MovementNumber” in the “shipper.loadNumber” field in our API

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect next?
One Network will confirm how you are set up in their system and will follow up with any additional questions and/or an integration agreement if needed. Once you have signed the agreement, you and the Trucker Tools team will be connected with the technical team to move the integration forward.
How long does the integration process take?
One Network is unable to provide an exact turnaround time due to the volume of Kroger customers requesting to integrate. Once One Network contacts you directly, ask your One Network onboarding specialist for an ETA. 
Who do I contact for questions about the One Network onboarding forms or process?
For questions on One Network's onboarding, please reach out to One Network at
How do I know if my integration between Trucker Tools and One Network is complete?
Once we have received your credentials, a Trucker Tools senior support specialist will be in touch and let you know once the integration is completed.  If you have not yet reached out to to request an integration between Trucker Tools and One Network, the support team will contact you via the contact information from the One Network forms. 
What type of integration is this?
The Trucker Tools + One Network integration is an API integration. 
What update can I provide Kroger during this process?
Once you have submitted the required One Network integration forms, your company is in the onboarding phase with One Network.
Where can I find more information about this from One Network?
Please visit the One Network FAQ page at to learn more.