October 15, 2020 | TruckerTools

Matson Logistics Partners with Trucker Tools for Shipment Visibility and Automated Truckload Booking

Strategic engagement improves precision, timeliness of shipment in-transit updates; streamlines transactions with carriers through Book-It-Now®, an automated, one-click booking tool 

RESTON, VA – OCTOBER 15, 2020 – Trucker Tools announced today that Matson Logistics has selected Trucker Tools’ app-based visibility solution to improve tracking latency and accuracy for truckload shipments, and the company’s automated Book It Now® feature for one-click load booking and confirmation with carriers.

Matson Logistics selected Trucker Tools after evaluating several digital freight management technology providers, noted Mark Christos, the company’s vice president of transportation.  “We continue to drive technology through our enterprise,” Christos said. “Trucker Tools enhances our processes, helping our team and our carrier-partners be more productive through automation, and enabling us to provide our customers with more complete, accurate, and timely shipment information.”

Christos noted that 3PLs, in order to compete and differentiate themselves in an increasingly demanding market, are digitizing and automating traditionally manual activities, such as booking loads with multiple phone calls and emails, and constantly making “check calls” to drivers for truck location updates.

“Digitizing the experience makes us more responsive and effective at managing the complete truckload lifecycle,” he explained. “We also are improving the quality and ease-of-use experience drivers have working with Matson Logistics. We want to be their first choice for loads and reloads.”

Book It Now® is an automated load booking tool that presents to the driver, on their smartphone, updated, real-time available loads from Matson Logistics with pricing. The trucker benefits from easy-to-use, one-click load acceptance and confirmation. This saves time by eliminating manual booking steps, so the truck can keep moving and earning revenue. For the broker, Book It Now® significantly compresses the workflow and time to cover a load, freeing up the broker to book more loads faster and focus on more value-added activities.

Trucker Tools app-based shipment tracking resides on the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App, which has been downloaded by more than 1 million truckers and is actively used by over 140,000 small fleet operators. The app utilizes a smartphone’s native GPS capability to transmit updated truck in-transit location, typically every 15 minutes. The data is presented to the broker in a map-based display that displays the shipment’s current location and progress to destination.  

Brokers who have adopted Trucker Tools visibility solution typically see carrier tracking compliance increase from less than 30 percent, to more than 80 percent. 

The Trucker Tools mobile app is available for both Android- and Apple-powered smartphones and is provided free of charge to independent truckers and small fleets. In addition to automated booking and tracking, the all-in-one app has 17 of the most sought-after resources and tools drivers want for managing their business while on the road. Some 90 percent of truckload market carriers are independent owner-operators and small fleets of 10 trucks or less.

“We’re pleased to have gained the trust and confidence of Matson Logistics and welcome them to the Trucker Tools platform,” said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive of Trucker Tools. “We look forward to bringing them on board, helping them improve engagement and support for their carriers, and providing more accurate and timely shipment tracking for their customers.”

About Trucker Tools: Trucker Tools, based in Reston, Va., is the leading provider of trip planning, shipment visibility, predictive freight matching and automated booking solutions for the transportation industry. Its ground-breaking Smart Capacity® platform uses accurate, real-time data and powerful algorithms to optimally match freight by predicting when and where capacity will become available, days in advance. The company’s popular driver smartphone app has been downloaded by over 1 million owner operators and small-carrier fleets to access information and services conveniently while on the road. Included in the smartphone app is Book It Now®, the industry’s first digital load booking app that automates and streamlines the load search and booking process for drivers and brokers, saving time and money. Trucker Tools load tracking solution is a robust feature in the app that connects drivers with carriers and freight brokers, automating the provision and collection of real-time shipment tracking and eliminating manual check calls. Visit Trucker Tools at www.truckertools.com or contact us directly at: sales@truckertools.com.  

Media Contact:  Gary Frantz, Trucker Tools, (925) 594-1434.  gary@gnfcomms.com 

About Matson Logistics: Matson Logistics serves a broad mix of manufacturers, retailers, and distributors with freight transportation and integrated logistics across North America with long-haul and regional highway truck brokerage and intermodal rail service. These are integrated with our warehousing network to provide a single-source solution for product receiving, storage, and distribution, including value-added packaging. Matson Logistics offers overseas sourcing support throughout Asia, including PO and vendor management, consolidation, and expedited, day definite LCL/FCL services. By combining supply chain services and multimodal transportation with process expertise and digital data management, Matson Logistics helps clients make significant and lasting improvements to their sourcing and distribution networks.

Founded in 1882, Matson, Inc. (NYSE: MATX) is a leading provider of ocean transportation and logistics services.  Matson provides a vital lifeline to the domestic non-contiguous economies of Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam, and to other island economies in Micronesia.  Matson also operates a premium, expedited service from China to Long Beach, California and also provides services to Okinawa, Japan and various islands in the South Pacific. Additional information about the Company is available at www.matson.com.

Media Contact:  Jahan Byrne, Matson Logistics, 925-887-6232. jbyrne@matson.com

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