August 3, 2021 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools Partners with Anytrek to Expand In-Transit Visibility For Truckload Carriers, Drayage, Flatbed Operators

Company adds real-time location data from Anytrek’s trailer-mounted, GPS-enabled tracking devices to enhance shipment visibility within the Trucker Tools Smart Capacity® platform

RESTON, VA  – AUGUST 3, 2021 Trucker Tools is once again expanding the information available in its real-time visibility platform with the addition of location data from trailer- and chassis-mounted tracking devices manufactured by Anytrek, which provides GPS-tracking equipment and systems used by hundreds of trucking firms.

The addition of real-time data from Anytrek’s trailer mounted tracking technology complements location updates Trucker Tools currently captures through truck-mounted Electronic Logging Devices, and from the trucker’s smartphone via the embedded GPS features of the Trucker Tools mobile driver app. The integration will provide Trucker Tools customers with richer, more comprehensive shipment visibility data.

Trucker Tools is integrating with Anytrek’s TrackLight unit, the company’s flagship product which is a fully functioning taillight with a GPS tracker inside a 4-inch round or 6-inch oval taillight. Simple to install and powered by the same power source that powers the taillight, TrackLight is a superior covert tracker device for all trailer types, noted Estefania Gallegos, Anytrek’s manager of operations.

“One of the issues with traditional trailer tracking devices is they are visible on the trailer and are easily and quickly removed and discarded by someone attempting to steal the trailer,” explained Gallegos. “Our unit is installed inside the taillight, invisible to a potential thief, which is advantageous from a security perspective. It’s covert, self-contained with its own battery, easy to install and has geofencing GPS capabilities that provide accurate location updates within 100 feet.”

Gallegos added that update transmission frequency typically is every 5 minutes when moving and charging, 15 minutes when moving and not charging, and every six hours when idle. The unit itself is charged by the truck when operating and when the taillight is illuminated.

Primary use cases for TrackLight are with dry-van trailers of any size, flatbed trailers, intermodal container chassis, and tank trailers, she noted, with private and for-hire fleets, drayage operators, trailer leasing and rental companies as primary customers. “We used to see trailers just as rolling boxes of metal,” Gallegos said. “Now we are bringing intelligence to that trailer, making what was a dumb trailer into a smart one.”

For brokers and shippers, Anytrek’s data is yet another resource for real-time equipment location intelligence, enabling brokers and shippers to plan arrival ETAs and related warehouse staffing operations more accurately and precisely, noted Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive of Trucker Tools.  It also provides further convenience and ease-of-use benefits to truckers, simplifying how tracking data is transmitted. 

“We have thousands of ‘micro’ truckload fleets and independent owner operators actively using Trucker Tools digital freight matching, one-click simplified automated booking, automated load tracking and carrier relationship management software and services,” he noted. “For those whose trailers are equipped with Anytrek, this becomes one more option for them to provide their customers with accurate and timely location updates.”

With the integration, truckers and fleets that have installed Anytrek devices will be able to choose between the taillight-mounted GPS tracking tag, their ELD or the Trucker Tools mobile app to provide tracking data. The platform has built in rules and instructions that eliminate duplicate data and ensure accurate reporting, Gollapalli said. 

The Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App, which was launched in 2013 and to-date has been downloaded by more than 1.4 million truckers, is among the most popular apps with truckload operators, consistently ranking as the most downloaded app in transportation each month.  In addition to predictive freight-matching, automated booking, GPS-driven automated tracking and digital document management, the app has 17 of the most sought-after features and resources drivers want for managing their business while on the road.  The Trucker Tools platform also is the digital freight management solution of choice for over 300 freight brokers and 3PLs. 

The Trucker Tools mobile app is available for both Android- and Apple-powered smartphones and is provided free of charge to independent truckers and small fleets.

About Trucker Tools: Trucker Tools, based in Reston, Va., is the leading provider of trip planning, shipment visibility, predictive freight matching and automated booking solutions for the transportation industry. Its ground-breaking Smart Capacity® platform uses accurate, real-time data and powerful algorithms to optimally match freight by predicting when and where capacity will become available, days in advance. The company’s popular driver smartphone app has been downloaded by over 1.2 million owner operators and small-carrier fleets to access information and services conveniently while on the road. Included in the smartphone app is Book It Now®, the industry’s first digital load booking app that automates and streamlines the load search and booking process for drivers and brokers, saving time and money. Trucker Tools load tracking solution is a robust feature in the app that connects drivers with carriers and freight brokers, automating the provision and collection of real-time shipment tracking and eliminating manual check calls. Visit Trucker Tools at or contact us directly at:

Media Contact:  Gary Frantz, Trucker Tools, (925) 594-1434.

About Anytrek:  Anytrek is a game-changer in fleet management for trailers, chassis, flatbeds, tankers, and trucks. Our patented TrackLight series are completely covert GPS trackers hidden inside LED lights, they work as normal 4″ round or 6″ oval LED lights but can provide the full feature GPS tracking functions. The installation is as easy as replacing an LED light. Within minutes, the entire fleet is visible on our user-friendly portal, with features such as: asset utilization reports, location sharing, geofence, etc. ThermoTrack is a digital thermometer with real-time location and temperature reporting. It acts as a direct replacement to traditional 3.5” analog thermometers for tanker fleets and can report location and temperature data as quickly as every 60 minutes. Visit and book a demo at 1.844.872.6987 or

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