“Book It Now®” feature allows for
quick freight matching and booking.
Dramatically improve operational
workflows to solve visibility and
load matching issues.
Build and improve relationships
with carriers.
Prove real-time access to new and incremental capacity
Access to over 165,000+ active carriers and
1,300,000+ drivers on our mobile app


Our TMS partnership integrations empower brokers of different sizes and make them more competitive in today’s disruptive market. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity® platform supplies real-time intelligence needed to boost brokers’ competitive advantage to outperform new market entrants and disruptors. We supply the perfect business insights that allow brokers track loads with more accuracy, from start to delivery, and to quickly match freight with carriers in the network.


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Our network of ELD and telematics integrations allow carriers to provide visibility on loads automatically and seamlessly. Trucker Tools acts as a buffer between the broker and the carrier's data to securely share only necessary location updates for hauled loads. Through leveraging their data, carriers can increase their overall compliance and gain access to broker networks they weren't previously exposed to.

With visibility and load matching at the forefront of this industry, Trucker Tools is focused on enhancing the carrier experience and is committed to furthering its relationships with ELD and telematics partners to benefit all parties involved.


Ready to put Trucker Tools to work?

Learn how you can disrupt the disruptors.


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