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Accurate, Automated Freight Tracking with Trucker Tools

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Load Tracking is one of the 16 trucker-centric tools included in the Trucker Tools driver app. It is also a feature in Smart Capacity, Trucker Tools’ real-time carrier capacity and relationship management platform for brokers, fleet dispatchers, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. In simple terms, Trucker Tools’ load tracking allows brokers and 3PLs to track the location of their loads from the start of the trip to finish.


Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform works differently from many other freight tracking tools. Instead of relying solely on cell phone tower triangulation, as other freight tracking systems often do, Trucker Tools utilizes the native GPS technology of smartphones and other mobile devices to provide accurate freight tracking. Automation of freight tracking can eliminate check calls, increase visibility dramatically and improve operational efficiency for carriers, owner-operators, brokers, and 3PLs.

Load Tracking with Trucker Tools

When a trucker starts a route, he/she taps the load track button within the Trucker Tools driver app. Once tracking is started, the broker, dispatcher or 3PL sees the truck appear on a map within the Smart Capacity platform. As the truck makes its progress toward its destination, the driver app automatically sends real-time GPS location information through the app to Smart Capacity, enabling the broker, dispatcher or 3PL to see the truck’s progress in real-time. The location of the truck is updated automatically every five minutes to ensure that tracking is accurate. Trucker Tools platform automatically captures start and stop details and can handle all types of loads and operating situations, including truckload, LTL, multi-stop operations, truck breakdowns and relay loads.

Automated Two-way Communication Eliminates Excessive Check Calls

Instead of sending and receiving dozens of text messages and emails each day or making and receiving check calls while freight is en route, freight location information is shared automatically through the Trucker Tools driver app. As a broker, dispatcher or 3PL, you receive accurate freight tracking information, as well as driver inputs for the weight of the load, number of pieces, reefer temperature and other valuable data, in real-time.

Trucker Tools’ automated communications allow truckers to focus on driving and getting to their destinations on time instead of spending time calling brokers, dispatchers or 3PLs to report their progress every 15 to 20 minutes. Truckers also can send key shipping documents to dispatchers, 3PLs, and brokers via the app’s secure document scanning feature.

Accurate Freight Tracking from Start to Finish

The freight tracking technology used in our competitors’ freight tracking apps is often based on cell tower geofencing, which approximates geographic location based on the (trucker’s) phone’s proximity to cell towers. The location data provided by cell tower geofencing can be incorrect by as many as 30 miles. In contrast, Trucker Tools’ load tracking feature uses the smart phone’s native GPS technology to automatically send precise location information from the trucker’s mobile device to brokers, dispatchers or 3PLs via Smart Capacity.

Trucker Tools’ start to finish tracking average success rate is 70 percent, while many other freight tracking solutions only score in the single digits when it comes to accuracy. Companies such as Choptank Transport have seen their freight tracking location accuracy rate increase to 97 percent by using Trucker Tools’ solutions.

Improve Operational Efficiency

In addition to freight tracking, the Trucker Tools free driver app includes 16 of the most sought-after information resources, tools and planning features available that help truckers while they’re on the road. Instead of juggling seven or eight different mobile apps while driving, truckers can use the multi-functional Trucker Tools driver app to get information on traffic, weather, parking, truck stops, fuel prices, optimal routes, nearby repair shops, nearby medical facilities, nearby Walmarts, weigh scales, truck washes and more. The Trucker Tools driver app can also be used to find and book loads using our newly launched Book It Now feature.

By using a single app that aggregates data from multiple sources, users of Trucker Tools’ driver app can spend less time navigating between apps, making check calls, searching load boards and emailing brokers, and spend more time booking new business and hauling freight. Our free driver app is also optimized to use minimal battery and data resources so that using the app won’t slow down your smartphone.

Overall operational efficiency is also increased for brokers, dispatchers or 3PLs who use Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity. Instead of chasing down individual truckloads or using cell tower-based tracking solutions that are often inaccurate, brokers/dispatchers/3PLs can view real-time location information in Smart Capacity’s interface.

If you are a freight broker, dispatcher or 3PL and you are interested in how Trucker Tools’ Load Track can increase visibility and efficiency, read our case study on 3PL Choptank Transport, which has increased its freight tracking accuracy significantly using Trucker Tools’ solutions.

You can also email or call 703-955-3560 to schedule a free demo of our platform.

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