July 12, 2021 | TruckerTools

Beyond Technology: The Importance of Relationship Building

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Successful technology adoption is increasingly more dependent on relationship building, communication between truckers and 3PLs.

Though as technology automates more work, the value of developing and building relationships, maintaining that personal touch, has never been more important.

At the end of the day technology is a tool whose value is gained only when users fully engage and evolve with it, and adapt attitudes, practices and cultures to ensure lasting and effective change.

Watch these clips of our webinar with Bluegrace and Adelante to discover how Bluegrace uses technology to help maintain their carrier relationships without losing that personal touch.

Clip 1: Why are relationships still important?

Relationships are an important aspect for any company, but especially in the freight transportation industry.

If you don’t have a technology to help you build and maintain carrier relationships, then overtime those relationships will soften and you won’t have first dips on that capacity.

In this video, Mark Ford from Bluegrace discusses why carrier relationships are so important to Bluegrace and how technology helps them retain carriers and keep capacity in house.

Clip 2: What’s needed to build a strong vendor-client relationship?

Relationships between a broker and a carrier are as important as ever, but relationships between a broker and their technology vendor are almost equally as important.

Prasad Gollapalli from Trucker Tools dives into the history of client/vendor relationships and how the standard has developed over the years from being seen as just a vendor to now a strategic partnership with aligned goals.

Clip 3: Does technology help in building and strengthening relationships?

Carriers want to work with brokers who make their job easier and are easy to do business with.

Technology is becoming more and more common in the industry today and many carriers prefer to use technology such as a tracking app which eliminates time wasting check calls.

Mark Ford from Bluegrace explains how the company uses technology to analyze data and make themselves easier to do business with through managing by exception and allowing their carriers to choose how they want to do business with them.

Clip 4: Is relationship building becoming part of the value proposition for adopting technology?

As you are choosing a technology vendor to partner with, you want a partner who has goals that align with yours and will continuously be innovating.

In this video, Prasad Gollapalli from Trucker Tools and Adrian Gonzalez from Adelante discuss the importance of innovation and allowing customers to heavily influence their vendors roadmap to build a platform that will meet their needs of building carrier relationships.

Clip 5: How does relationship building fit into the overall digital transformation strategy?

Carrier adoption of technology has been a constant struggle for brokers and 3PLs. But with solid carrier relationships and a technology that will help those carriers do business easier, the carrier adoption challenge can be solved.

In this video, Mark Ford from Bluegrace discusses how Trucker Tools helped them build carrier relationships with the Trucker Tools app and ultimately overcome their adoption issues.

Clip 6: Lesson’s learned in the intersection of technology and building relationships

As you are developing your business strategy and adopting to technology, you need to focus on a system that will make you easier to do business with.

Mark Ford from Bluegrace, Prasad Gollapalli from Trucker Tools, and Adrian Gonzalez from Adelante discuss the lessons learned in the technology transformation journey and the importance of building a platform that carriers want to use and will help build and maintain good working relationships.

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