July 21, 2021 | TruckerTools

Broker Benefits of the Loadsure and Trucker Tools Partnership

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Trucker Tools recently interviewed Johnny McCord, CEO of Loadsure, to discuss how the partnership between Loadsure and Trucker Tools benefits you as a broker, how to add Loadsure insurance to your loads on the Trucker Tools platform, and the advantages Loadsure offers to brokers and 3PLs.

Our partnership with Loadsure helps you reduce your risk of financial loss in the spot market. Loadsure is a fully digitized broker cargo insurance that allows you to secure on-demand, per-load cargo insurance in real-time with a single click. Loadsure can potentially cut your annual insurance costs by five times or more.

Watch the interview or read on to learn more about the partnership with Trucker Tools and Loadsure and how it will benefit you as a broker or 3PL.

How is Loadsure different from traditional cargo insurance?

Johnny McCord from Loadsure explains how the company is different from other insurance companies by offering transactional insurance which means that you can purchase insurance for each individual load rather than on an annualized basis.

Johnny also discusses how Loadsure APIs receive data directly from the Trucker Tools platform, providing instant, accurate quotes for each load—and all within your existing workflow.

What advantages does Loadsure offer brokers and 3PLs?

The traditional insurance process requires a lot of manpower that takes time you don’t have. That’s why Loadsure is changing the game by harnessing predictive analytics, automating these processes to deliver real-time dynamic pricing, so you can secure coverage in just one click. With Loadsure, you can relax, knowing the freight you’ve brokered is protected by an A-rated security.

Loadsure’s data-driven approach to underwriting more accurately assesses your risk, helping you radically reduce your covers and cover premiums. They also empower you to reduce shipper and carrier risk. The relationships you build with your carriers aren’t just critical to the profitability of your employer, they’re important to driving your personal income growth, as well. With fast, simple, cost-effective insurance, you’ll be empowered to add more value to your offering.

Why did Trucker Tools choose to partner with Loadsure?

Trucker Tools is always looking to improve efficiency for users and meet the needs of the brokers and 3PLs on our platforms. Matt Silver from Trucker Tools explains that Loadsure’s focus on ease of use, digitizing manual activities, and simplifying tasks matches Trucker Tools’ strategy and is why we chose to partner with the company. These platform integrations can be powerful efficiency-boosters and Loadsure helps our broker customers become more efficient and protects their loads.

What claims trends are you seeing today?

Johnny McCord takes us through several trends that they have been seeing recently with the most common and extreme being severe weather events. Johnny also touches on the impact COVID-19 had on transportation insurance as well as some other trends they have noticed such as pilferage and fictitious pickups.

How does the partnership between Trucker Tools and Loadsure benefit brokers and 3PLs?

Matt and Johnny cover how the integration between Loadsure and Trucker Tools has many benefits for brokers and 3PLs including:

  • Quickly insure loads on a load-by-load basis.
  • Have greater flexibility for customizing cargo insurance according to load type, situation, shipper, carrier, other factors.
  • Get insurance quotes on loads, file claims and get claim payments.
  • Spend less time dealing with getting cargo insurance quotes, filing claims, getting paid for claims.

How do you add cargo insurance to a load within Trucker Tools’ software platforms?

With the Loadsure and Trucker Tools integration, you are able to insure your loads directly through the Trucker Tools digital freight matching platform. To wrap up the interview, Matt Silver took us through the steps of how exactly you are able to add insurance to your loads within our system with a simple click of a button.

If you  have questions about the Loadsure and Trucker Tools partnership, or if you want to see a demo of the Trucker Tools platform, schedule your free demo now or contact us at

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