Visibility you can trust

With Trucker Tools visibility and tracking solutions, know where every load is — in real time, from beginning to end — all from a single pane of glass that’s seamlessly integrated into your systems and workflows for maximum efficiency.

made easy

Reliable, accurate, real-time tracking data so that you’ve got what you need to keep your partners satisfied.

made simple

Make compliance effortless with the industry’s most-downloaded app and highest quality ELD integrations.

more with less

Say goodbye to maddening check calls and inefficient tracking. Get time back in your day with real-time freight tracking. 

The Ultimate Visibility and Carrier Sourcing Platform

Load tracking

Real-time visibility

Receive location pings every five minutes for true start to finish visibility. Custom geofencing capabilities give you time back in your day so that tracking happens without a second thought.

Text to Track Screenshot

Text To Track

Leverage Text to Track to ensure no load goes untracked. With SMS or WhatsApp load tracking, know where every load is in real time, from beginning to end. All that’s required is the driver’s phone number.

TT_Doc Scanning 2

Fraud Protection

Pre-vet new carriers and build new carrier relationships with a tech stack that helps you identify potential fraud. Date-stamped document scans of PODs are transmitted directly to your TMS.

Cross Border

Tracking made as easy as possible, even across borders with international phone numbers. Send and receive tracking-related messages via WhatsApp as an alternative to SMS messaging. 

Load tracking 2

The Easiest ELD Integrations

With over 2,000 new ELD integrations per month, ELD tracking is effortless, ensuring your operations are protected and running with maximum efficiency. 

Reporting and Dashboards

Analyze carrier performance, chart your users’ success at creating load tracks and see the breakdown of compliance scores per customer all on the Load Tracking Dashboard.

Brett Suma

"Honestly, we partnered with Trucker Tools because that’s what the carriers told us they wanted to use. They adopted your tracking and it made their lives easier so they wanted to use you guys."

Brett Suma
CEO, Loadsmith
Jeff Henderson

“Trucker Tools has been ahead of the curve. When we originally switched over to Trucker Tools from our previous visibility provider, Trucker Tools was already using GPS while everyone else was still on cell towers. With Trucker Tools, we are much more efficient. We’ve basically eliminated the need to make all check calls.”

Jeff Henderson
SVP, Ryan Transportation

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