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Trucker Tools carrier app allows you to book premium loads directly from your phone. The app helps you save money on fuel, find truck stops, parking, weigh stations, Walmart locations and more, while on the road.

Deleted all other apps this is all I need!!!! [9 👍]”

Luis Cordova
Owner Operator

Do you struggle with any of these?

Hard time finding new loads?

Have to pay to view or book loads?

Struggling to find parking?

Spending a lot on fuel while on the road?

Struggling with app overload?

Struggle with too many check-in calls?

If any of these sound familiar, don’t worry you’re not alone. Trucker Tools App was built as a powerful tool to save time, get your loads booked and keep you rolling.

Save Money on the Road. Find and Book Premium Loads

  • Easy and free to use
  • No fees to book a load
  • Private network of premium loads with favorite brokers
  • Real time fuel pricing Truck Stop Guide
  • and much more! 17+ features and tools built specifically for carriers like you

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I think this great app for us truckers that need accurate truck stop info at their fingertips, I love it. The fuel prices are great, helps me save a few pennies on most trips…”

Luis Loadrunner28

No in app pop-up ads. The app is free to download and simple to use.

One app that does it all- use it to find a load, get real-time fuel pricing, find parking, scan documents, map your route and match more.

No installation fee, no load-matching fee, no load-tracking fee, no fee of any kind – just driving.

Eliminate unnecessary check-in calls. The Load Track feature sends location updates for you so you can drive uninterrupted.

Reduce the time you spend each day on searching for a parking spot. Trucker Tools App provides accurate total number of parking spots at various locations, such as rest stops, parking locations and others. We also share Walmart and shipper locations. We help you minimize the time you spend on finding a spot, thus increase revenue and reduce stress.

Trucker Tools App helps driver find and reserve parking with partners like TruckPark.

Use the Book-It-Now® feature to book your next load and reload without numerous calls, right from your phone with a push of a button.

GREAT TOOL! I use trucker tools almost daily to find good locations to stop for the night. It’s great for finding independent truck stops on those nights when the big name brand truck stops are filled up. Also a great tool for finding Walmarts.”

Steve Kirland

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