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Trucker Tools App

Get tracking and simplify trucking.  The Trucker Tools app is your driver lifestyle resource for life on the road. With over 17+ features and tools, Trucker Tools will help you keep your wheels turning.

  • Load Search
  • Tracking
  • Routing & Fuel Optimizer
  • Parking
  • Rest Areas
  • Weight Scales
  • Truck Stop Guide
  • Document Upload

Digital Freight Matching

Join Trucker Tools’ fast-growing carrier network to search and book loads with the biggest and most popular brokers in the industry. Negotiate rates, view best matched loads, and find your next load with our advanced load search feature.

  • Book It Now®
  • Best Matched Loads
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Tracking Management

Tracking & Visibility

Tracking on loads is easy and secure with Trucker Tools! We track loads, not vehicles which is why we offer the ability for you to choose how you want to track. No more check calls, no more fines, just consistent tracking made easy.

  • App Tracking
  • ELD/Telematic
  • TMS/dispatch integration

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Data Security & The Trucker Tools Promise

Trucker Tools is dedicated to security and protecting our customer’s information. Learn more about our privacy policy and some frequently asked questions.

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