Trucker Tools gives you the option to choose how you want to track on loads, whether through the Trucker Tools app or an ELD/TMS integration. By tracking with Trucker Tools, you can:

Reduce or eliminate check calls

Upload documents to get paid faster

Keep a competitive edge with larger national fleets by matching

Trucker Tools App

Have your drivers download and track with the Trucker Tools app.


Integrate your ELD/Telematics devices with Trucker Tools so you can track by supplying your truck and/or trailer number.


Send Trucker Tools real-time data stored in your TMS/dispatch system to provide location updates on your loads.

How to Track with the App

Your privacy matters: Trucker Tools protects your data

You are not tracked without your permission. With the app, you, as the driver, will start and end the load tracking when you pick up and deliver the load. The app starts the track only when you click the Start button for load tracking and ends when you click the End or Pause button. The app will not track your location during other times and NEVER without your permission. With load tracking, you, the driver, are always in control. In the event you are tracking a carrier with a TMS or ELD integration, that truck will only be tracked for the duration of the load and whenever the device is turned on, and functioning properly. The ELD provider has control over turning the device on or off.

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