February 9, 2023 | TruckerTools

Employee Spotlight: Jarret Stowe, Trucker Tools’ Product Manager

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In this ongoing Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing you to Trucker Tools’ greatest asset: our people! This newest blog in the series is all about Jarret Stowe, product manager for Trucker Tools’ solutions for freight brokers and logistics providers. A Southern Virginia native, Jarret joined the Trucker Tools team four months ago following stints with two different last mile logistics start-ups. When he’s not at work, Jarret loves being outdoors, hunting and cooking.

Say hello to Jarret Stowe, Trucker Tools’ Product Manager!

Name: Jarret Stowe
Title: Product Manager, broker solutions 
Current Town: Brooklyn, N.Y.
First Concert: Bonnaroo
Pets: Henley, a 130-pound bloodhound
Favorite TV Series: “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Cheers”
Favorite Movies: Anything by Wes Anderson
Bucket List: Fly fishing in the Seychelles

What Jarret Does at Trucker Tools

“I’m the product manager for all things related to brokers,” Jarret said. “So everything from transportation management system integrations to how the broker views loads in our system. I work with the engineering team, determine what we should build and when we should do it, and then gather feedback on the way for everything related to brokers.”

Before Trucker Tools

“I worked for two other startups,” Jarret shared. “Both do last mile logistics, which is a little different from the first mile industry and trucking, but there are some similarities. I love the transportation industry in general. I think it’s such a cool space. It’s so analytically heavy, which is what I like.” 

What Jarret Likes About Working at Trucker Tools

“First and foremost, it’s the people,” Jarret said. “Everyone’s been super welcoming and very helpful getting me onboarded and helping me learn more about the industry. Trucker Tools in general has a emphasis on that people element, which has been really great. There are so many cool opportunities in the freight industry to disrupt the status quo and I think Trucker Tools is in a really good position to do that.”

Jarret’s Life Outside of Work

“Ever since I was little, I’ve had a passion for the outdoors, from hunting and fishing to hiking and kayaking,” Jarret shared. “Obviously I don’t do too much of that in Brooklyn, but I also love to cook things like homemade fresh pasta and wild game. I grew up on a farm, so I grew up judging livestock, showing livestock and all that good stuff.”

Jarret’s Favorite Travel Spots

“I absolutely love to travel,” said Jarret. “In college, I played rugby and we used to go on international tours every year to places like Ireland and the Cayman Islands. I’m actually going back to the Cayman Islands next month to play rugby with some alums. The only place that I’ve been multiple times is to the Outer Banks with my family every year to go fishing, but otherwise I try to always try new places and never go to the same place more than once or twice.” 

Jarret’s Mentor

“One of my first managers has defined a lot of my professional aspirations,” Jarret said. “He was very good at finding the potential in people, even if they didn’t have that experience level. He could see potential in people based on their character, which is something that I tried to pick up. He was transparent and did everything he could to push you forward and to your full potential. It’s something that I’ve taken with me and that I try to do for others.”

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