December 29, 2020 | TruckerTools

How small brokers can punch above their weight – and level the brokerage playing field

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Recently Prasad Gollapalli from Trucker Tools and Adrian Gonzalez from Adelante met to talk about:

  • A recent survey of truckload carriers on the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App, and what they identify as services, features and functions from brokers most important to them
  • How today’s technologies can help small to mid-sized brokers punch above their weight and compete with the big brokers
  • Technology as a tool to create a tipping point enabling you to operate leaner and scale the business faster than ever before
  • Why now is the time to engage with a collaborate technology partner and adopt a fully digitized technology stack for brokerage operations and carrier relationship management
  • The downsides of delay, inertia, and resistance to change

Clip 1: When it comes to selecting which brokers to work with, what is most important for carriers?

For you to compete in the market today, you must provide an enhanced experience, not only for your shippers but for your carriers as well.

Prasad and Adrian discuss how carriers are looking for consistent, high volume freight at a good rate. If you are able to provide quality loads, help carriers make more money, and make it an easy and seamless interaction, the carriers will keep coming back.

Collaborative, multi-user platforms, coupled with mobile apps on the smartphone of every trucker, are the future of truck brokerage – and the future is here today.

Clip 2: Is technology a threat or opportunity for small brokers?

The brokerage market is at an inflection point.  Millions are being invested in both new startups and existing technology firms to digitize operations.  With today’s cloud-based collaborative platforms, you can quickly upgrade your capabilities to work faster and smarter and compete with larger brokerages.

Prasad and Adrian talk about why technology is a game changer for brokers and how it will help you gain a competitive advantage in the current market.

Clip 3: Where should small brokers start on their digital technology transformation journey?

The challenge for small brokers is where to start. It has never been more important to understand where digital brokerage technology is headed, how it can impact your business, and how it helps you engage more effectively with your carriers to keep them in your network.

There are 2 components to starting on your technology adoption journey: When? And what is the plan? Prasad and Adrian dive into these two components and give you tips on where you should be investing in your technology journey.

Clip 4: What differentiates a technology “partner” from a technology “vendor”?

Your technology provider should act more as a partner that helps you improve your business strategy rather than just a vendor with an off the shelf product. You should be focused on bringing a digital brokerage platform solution on board and leveraging it for advantage. In order to leverage this solution for advantage, you need a technology partner that is always innovating and advancing their products to meet your business needs.

Prasad and Adrian discuss three things your technology provider should be doing to be more than just a vendor, but to be your partner and help you meet your business needs and improve your business strategy. 

Clip 5: How can brokers overcome resistance to change?

It is often difficult to overcome resistance to change whether it be with your employees or with your carriers.

Prasad and Adrian discuss how you can overcome resistance by finding a technology that will simplify your life but will also simplify the life of your carriers. If you adapt to technology that benefits all parties, you will have very minimal resistance to change.

If you’d like to watch the full interview, click on the image below.

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