How Syfan Logistics achieved an average of 84% tracking compliance

Company Snapshot:

  • Syfan Logistics is a comprehensive third-party logistics (3PL) company that provides freight capacity, expedited delivery, freight management, and brokerage services to several industries
  • Expertise in Foodstuffs Delivery – well-versed in hauling deadline-sensitive, perishable food products.
  • Syfan owns its own fleet of over-the-road Syfan Transport trucks and trailers

Client Challenges:

  • How to provide accurate, start-to-finish freight visibility to shippers
  • Finding a tracking solution that is reliable, accurate and appealing to carriers
  • App-less tracking solutions failed to deliver on their promises of accurate and continuous visibility, as well as greater efficiency


  • Migrated to Trucker Tools for accurate, real-time tracking and predictive load matching
  • Many carriers in Choptank’s network were already using the app
  • Integrated its McLeod TMS with Smart Capacity


  • Tracking compliance success rates are as high as 95%; average 84%
  • Freight tracking accuracy, i.e. accurate pickup and delivery has increased by 50%
  • Improved shipper, customer and carrier relationships; improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
  • The number of per load check-calls has decreased by 30%
  • 60-70% of all Syfan Logistics’ freight is being tracked with Trucker Tools

Read the full case study to find out how Syfan reduced check calls by 30% and increased tracking compliance to an average of 84%.

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