June 21, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Integration Partner Highlight: One Step GPS ELD

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As a technology company, we recognize that when different software platforms can share data, it benefits everyone, whether you’re a freight broker, logistics company, fleet manager or driver. That’s why Trucker Tools’ broker/3PL software platform Smart Capacity now integrates with 81 of the most popular ELDs in use today. We’re excited to announce that our newest ELD integration partnership is with One Step GPS. If you’re a broker or 3PL, the integration between One Step GPS’s ELD system and Smart Capacity can simplify your brokerage operations and give you an additional load tracking option to offer drivers and fleets. For drivers and carriers, our partnership with One Step GPS gives you another option to choose from for load tracking in addition to Trucker Tools’ popular driver app.

Read on to learn more about Trucker Tools’ integration partnership with the One Step GPS ELD and how it can benefit your transportation business.

A Top Shipper Need: Real-Time Digital Load Tracking

In February of this year, Transport Intelligence surveyed 200+ shippers about real-time visibility. More than 57 percent of those shippers surveyed said that a carrier must provide digital real-time visibility in order to tender their business. Despite their desire for real-time digital load tracking, 80 percent of the shippers surveyed also reported that they have only partial real-time visibility of their shipments. In a recent Garner Wants and Needs survey, shippers ranked real-time visibility as their highest priority. With real-time load tracking clearly a top ask from shippers, the writing is on the proverbial wall that using check calls or technology that provides limited data points isn’t going to cut it for today’s shippers.

One Step GPS ELD

One Step GPS’s FMCSA and DOT-certified ELD system provides fleet managers and freight brokers with real-time GPS locations of shipments, as well as 20+ different alerts and reports. This ELD system also helps fleets and asset-based brokers monitor fuel costs and log miles for IFTA reporting. One Step GPS’ ELD simplifies driver inspection reporting and each device can be used by multiple drivers. The ELD comes with lifetime support, is easy to install and can be managed with a smart phone or tablet combined with a free mobile app. In addition to recording and transmitting HOS data, One Step GPS’ ELD can communicate with truck engine control systems to collect engine status, speed, RPM, VIN and other data.

Using One Step GPS’s ELD in your operations digitizes your record-keeping, making it a more efficient process and less prone to human error. Data from the ELD can be used to record accurate payroll and overtime hours, as well. Fleet managers can easily access ELD data through a web browser to view stops and receive alerts regarding risky driver behavior. You also may opt to use One Step GPS ELD’s vehicle maintenance alerts to stay on top of routine maintenance and avoid delays caused by mechanical failures.

Integration with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity

The integration partnership between Trucker Tools and One Step GPS’ ELD allows freight brokers and 3PLs who use Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform for load tracking to digitally track loads with the ELD. If you’re a broker/3PL, that’s a great option to have in your back pocket when discussing load tracking with carriers and drivers. Some trucking companies prohibit their drivers from using smart phones while driving and some drivers simply prefer to track loads with their ELDs instead of an app. Thanks to this integration, you can offer them a choice.

If you’re a carrier, you can still meet a broker’s or 3PL’s digital load tracking requirement even if the driver isn’t able or prefers not to use an app for load tracking. Tracking the load with the One Step GPS ELD can be a great alternative to offer your drivers. Keep in mind that Trucker Tools’ free driver app can be used for much more than tracking loads. The app includes 17+ features and tools that make life on the road easier for truckers. With the app, drivers can find the cheapest fuel on their routes, parking, restaurants and grocery stores, weigh scales, truck washes and much more.

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