October 18, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Integration Partner Highlight: Rand McNally

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Trucker Tools’ integration partner, Rand McNally, was founded in 1856 in Chicago as a print shop that specialized in printing railroad guides. The company evolved over the years to become one of the most recognizable transportation and map publishing names in the United States. Today, Rand McNally specializes in maps, navigation, road travel and trip planning for the trucking industry and the consumer market. Its products include truck navigation systems, HOS logging devices, headsets, maps, atlases, travel guides, and educational materials.

Integrate ELD Location Information with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity

In its integration partnership with Trucker Tools, data from Rand McNally’s ELDs can be integrated with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity real-time carrier capacity and relationship management platform. With the integration, freight brokers, carrier dispatchers, and 3PLs can view the location of trucks based on the trucker’s ELD location data. The ability to access truck location information in a single platform reduces the number of software programs operations staff use for daily tasks, which provides greater efficiency. With Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity, brokers and 3PLs can view the location of trucks in a matter of seconds instead of making manual check-calls to dispatchers and truckers to check the status of a load.

Increase the Efficiency of Capacity Searches with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform also includes powerful, predictive load matching and easy to use capacity search capabilities that help you find high-quality capacity when you need it most. Search for capacity within preferred carrier networks, by date, status, type of truck and more. As you use Smart Capacity’s load matching feature, the platform learns your preferences and makes load matching suggestions based on previously-booked loads, reducing the time that you spend searching for capacity and reload opportunities for carrier partners.

Smart Capacity’s artificial intelligence and email-parsing processes email and other digital inquiries that you receive from carriers regarding open loads, eliminating redundancies and streamlining daily communications. Designate your open loads as Book-It-Now loads and members of your preferred carrier network can book the loads directly through the Trucker Tools free mobile driver app.

Learn more about our integration partner Rand McNally by visiting To learn more about Trucker Tools’ Rand McNally integration and how Smart Capacity can dramatically increase productivity and revenue for your 3PL or broker business, email or schedule a free Trucker Tools demo.

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