February 9, 2022 | TruckerTools

Introducing Lindsay Hemmerlin, Trucker Tools’ Director of Customer Success

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In this ongoing blog series, we’re highlighting members of the Trucker Tools team — the folks working to make sure our real-time technology delivers, whether you’re a freight broker, third party logistics provider, owner operator or a trucking company. In this most recent employee spotlight, we introduce you to Lindsay Hemmerlin, Trucker Tools’ Director of Customer Success. Before joining the Trucker Tools team in November 2021, she spent six years working in various roles in freight brokerage, including sales, business development and operations. Life is always an adventure for Lindsay and her husband, who together live in a fifth wheel toy hauler RV that allows them to move every six to 10 months as part of her husband’s job.

Meet Lindsay Hemmerlin, Trucker Tools’ Director of Customer Success!

Name: Lindsay Hemmerlin

Title: Director of Customer Success

First Concert: Backstreet Boys

Bucket List: Travel to Europe and live in Costa Rica

Passions: Painting and drawing, the outdoors, camping

Pets: Two dogs, Cota and Remington

What Lindsay Does at Trucker Tools

“As Trucker Tools’ Director of Customer Success, I oversee our customer success team and our customer support team, as well as our driver support team. Our customer success team works directly with our customers to help them be successful with our services. We might implement best practices and come up with solutions and strategies that coincide with their company strategies to find success with our services. Our customer support team is our inbound support team. They get calls from customers, drivers and pretty much anyone about things that might not be looking right or when they need help. Our driver support team, which is a new kind of support that we’ll be offering, actually reaches out to drivers to help them get their load tracks started.”

What Lindsay Likes About Working at Trucker Tools

“Two things that first come to mind are actually areas in which I feel Trucker Tools differentiates itself from its competitors. The first is being customer focused. What we often hear is that our competitors don’t respond very quickly to customer inquiries and nickel and dime customers over support. We just do things differently here. Our support team has a 15-minute response time. We don’t nickel and dime. We work with our customers closely to develop new features and products that we don’t already have in place. We’re very customer centric and we want to build those relationships with our customers. That is something I’m very proud of. The other thing I like about Trucker Tools is that we are carrier focused. We know that the carrier is not our customer, but they’re why we’re here. We’re here for the carriers, which is why our services are free to carriers. We also host webinars for carriers to show them how best to use our technology.”

Lindsay on Trucker Tools’ Company Culture

“Even though we’re all remote, we are a family. I will say that in other companies I’ve worked for, it seemed like teams or departments were pretty siloed and kept separate. Here, we commingle and collaborate throughout the whole company. I don’t think there’s any team that is just on an island by itself. We’re all working together and we all talk together. In other jobs, I’ve managed only one team at a time. Here, overseeing three different teams that have three different processes and goals has really pushed me to think about different solutions not only for individual teams, but also about ways we can better communicate and drive customer and carrier success between all teams.”  

What a Great Day at Work Looks Like for Lindsay

“It might sound funny, but I would say my ideal day would start with a customer issue and end with a happy customer. Coming from the customer success side of things, we understand that not everything is always going to be perfect. We have things come up, but as long as we’re able to find solutions and put fixes in place, that’s what’s important.”

What Lindsay Likes To Do When She’s Not Working

“Outside of work, my husband and I are pretty active mostly with anything that has to do with motors. In Arizona we have a side-by-side ATV that we’ll take out to the dunes in Southern California or on the trails anywhere in Arizona. In the summer, you’ll always find us on a boat or surfing on a lake. We also have motorcycles and we like to ride them everywhere when the weather is right and it’s not snowing. I love art. I love to draw, paint and do crafty stuff like scrapbooking or sewing — pretty much anything hands-on that I can be creative with. I like to draw with graphite pencils and I’ll do anything from landscapes to people and animals. With painting, my style is a mix between abstract and realism. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid when I was making stick figures. I’ve taken art classes all through elementary, middle and high school and in college. Art is just something I’ve always been interested in.”

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