April 28, 2023 | TruckerTools

Introducing Seth DiNicola, Trucker Tools’ Mid-Market Sales Manager

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In this Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing you to Trucker Tools’ greatest asset: our people! In this newest Employee Spotlight, you’ll learn all about Seth DiNicola, Trucker Tools’ Mid-Market Sales Manager who joined the team three months ago. Seth is an Erie, Pa., native who before coming to Trucker Tools worked in sales for a marketing software company in the metro Pittsburgh region. When he’s not at work, Seth enjoys working on his car, cooking (preferably with cast iron) and beating everyone else at cornhole. 

Say hello to Seth DiNicola, Trucker Tools’ Mid-Market Sales Manager!

Name: Seth DiNicola
Title: Mid-Market Sales Manager
Hometown and Current City: Erie, Pa.
Pets: Dogs Olive and Hazel
Bucket List: Race cars on a racetrack
First Concert: Drake

What Seth Does at Trucker Tools

“I primarily help brokers in the mid-market space understand the value of real time tracking” Seth said. “I help them understand the value in replacing manual check calls with automated real-time tracking. I basically help brokers do more with less, as I like to explain it. Trucker Tools automates what is typically a manual process for brokers. They’re doing things like calling drivers manually and giving their customers updates manually.”

Before Trucker Tools

“Before this, I was a sales manager at a company that sold marketing software,” Seth shared. “I did that for a little over a year. Before that, I worked at a freight factoring company as a sales rep providing financing to freight brokers. I started my sales career selling marketing software, but I definitely wanted to get back into logistics. I like the fact that Trucker Tools is trying to disrupt the status quo and provide better service to logistics professionals.” 

What Seth Likes About Trucker Tools

“I like how everyone is so willing to help and I like having an open dialogue with the leadership team,” Seth said. “Everyone is just very approachable, unlike some executives who maybe aren’t willing to talk to you or to help out. At Trucker Tools, everybody’s very willing to help out and it’s an amazing culture. Also, I love working remotely.”

Seth’s Life Outside of Work

“I like to go fishing a lot with my friends and I like to work on my car,” Seth shared. “I also like to work out and go to the gym. I just finished up the TV series ‘The Last of Us’ and I like ‘Succession’ and ‘Yellowstone’ as well. One TV show that my girlfriend and I like that’s definitely a dumb pick is ‘Love Island.’ We think it’s really funny and love watching it. It’s a stupid reality TV show, but it’s really entertaining.”

employee spotlight

What’s on Seth’s Bucket List

“I would say the main thing on my bucket list would be to get a race car and race it on a racetrack,” Seth shared. “It’s difficult because you can’t really take your car that you drive daily onto a track and then risk absolutely totaling it and then you’re out a whole car. I have to save enough to afford a car that I don’t care about if I crash horribly.” 

Seth’s Mentor

“I definitely have a mentor who really got me into software sales,” said Seth. “Years ago, I was connecting with a bunch of people on LinkedIn and met someone who was an account executive at a software company. He said to give him a call and we ended up talking for a while. He helped me put my resume together and get a job through other connections. We’ve kept in touch ever since. He’s a V.P. of sales now and now I’m a sales manager. It’s interesting to see how we’ve both grown professionally.”

What Seth’s Co-Workers May Not Know About Him

“I’m very good at cornhole,” Seth said. “I also like to cook a lot. I like to smoke meat and grill specifically. My prize possession is my cast iron pan. It’s always looking good and you can cook an egg on it without it sticking at all.” 

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