October 2, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Is 30 to 40 Percent Tracking Compliance Success Good Enough for Your Brokerage/3PL Business?

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It’s a question worth asking, especially given the competitive nature of the freight brokerage and third-party logistics markets. If you want to outpace your competition, an average visibility rate just won’t do. Let’s face it: shippers are more likely to do repeat business with partners who can provide accurate, continuous freight visibility. When shippers have visibility for their shipments, they can better manage their dock schedules and human resources, and also stay in front of service issues with their customers.

Despite recent technological developments, industry tracking compliance success rates generally hover around the 30 to 40 percent mark. This leaves 60 to 70 percent of all freight untracked and means brokers/3PLs have to use other methods to track loads and satisfy shippers’ needs. Freight brokers and logistics providers use multiple check-calls to track freight, which is inefficient and time-consuming.

Trucker Tools’ mobile driver app brings together precise freight tracking with over a dozen carrier-centric tools in an all-in-one app that makes everyday life for truckers easier. Our driver app’s most popular features include a truck stop guide, routing and fuel optimizer, load finder and load tracking. Truckers view the driver app as a lifestyle app that can provide them with key information while they’re both on and off the road.

When the driver app is used in conjunction with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity carrier relationship and capacity management platform, brokers and 3PLs have access to real-time, high-quality location data. The tracking compliance success rate achieved by Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity is on average 70%, more than double the industry average of 30 percent.

Real-time, GPS-Enabled Load Tracking Data

Trucker Tools’ mobile driver app uses the GPS technology native to the trucker’s cell phone to determine the precise location of the truck and freight. GPS was first developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. As such, the location data that it provides is precise and extremely accurate. Just how accurate is GPS? GPS-enabled smartphones are usually accurate within a 16-foot radius under clear skies.

The location information gathered by the Trucker Tools’ driver app is viewed by your brokerage/3PL’s staff members in the Smart Capacity interface. The real-time location of the truck is updated every five minutes so that brokers and 3PLs have continuous visibility, from the time the truck approaches the shipper’s loading dock until it delivers the freight to its final destination.

Within Smart Capacity, you can set up automated load tracking that begins when the truck approaches the pickup location and stops when the truck leaves the delivery location. Smart Capacity’s automated load tracking only requires that the trucker opens the Trucker Tools driver app. He/she doesn’t need to start and stop tracking — it happens automatically.  

Reduce Check-Calls with Smart Capacity’s Load Tracking

Many brokerages and 3PLs still use manual check-calls to track the majority of their freight, even though check-calls are time-consuming, human-resource heavy and prone to human error. The load tracking accuracy and automation offered by Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and mobile driver app can reduce check-calls significantly for brokers and 3PLs. Instead of making five to 10 check-calls per load, brokerage/3PL staff members can rely on Smart Capacity’s data to track loads and address any service issues as they occur.

Several brokers and 3PLs who have migrated to Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and/or driver app have reduced calls significantly as a result. Choptank Transport has reduced its check-calls and raised its operational efficiency by 20 percent with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity, while Syfan Logistics has reduced its check-calls by 30 percent with Trucker Tools’ load tracking solution. A reduction in check-calls improves overall operational efficiency and gives staff members more time to find capacity and deliver high-level service to shippers.

Brokers and 3PLs can also use Smart Capacity’s Detention Alerts to monitor driver detention at shipper and receiver locations, which can further reduce the number of calls made to carrier dispatchers and truckers and provide an additional efficiency boost for you and carrier partners.

Achieve Higher Tracking Compliance Success Rates with Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools’ broker and 3PL users typically achieve much higher tracking compliance success rates than the industry average, as well. Choptank Transport has realized an 85 percent carrier adoption since implementing Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and mobile driver app. Syfan Logistics has achieved a 95 percent peak-time tracking compliance success rate since integrating its McLeod Software TMS with Trucker Tools’ mobile driver app. In both cases, the 3PLs more than doubled the industry average. Nearly all of our broker/3PL customers are able to achieve 70 to 90+ percent average tracking success from start to finish. During peak periods, tracking compliance success rates can be even higher.

Trucker Tools’ driver app does more than just track freight — it includes more than 17 of the most sought-after, highly practical tools and features that simplify life on the road for truckers. The multi-functionality of Trucker Tools’ driver app and the value that it provides carriers drive higher adoption rates of the driver app when compared with single-feature tracking only apps. This higher adoption rate is responsible, in part, for the tracking compliance success that our partners achieve with Trucker Tools. Carriers are more likely to download, use and keep apps on their phones that help them do their jobs more efficiently, streamline their operations and increase their revenue.

To learn more about how Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and mobile driver app can increase your tracking compliance success and profitability, schedule a demo today by calling 703-955-3560 or by emailing

Special offer: Trucker Tools will double your tracking compliance up to 60% or the month is on us. Restrictions apply. Please contact our sales team for more details.

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