January 18, 2020 | TruckerTools

LTI Delivers Raises the Bar on Shipper Service Offerings with Trucker Tools

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For small and mid-sized brokerages, choosing technology with a high return on investment is crucial, especially when competing with larger brokers. The results that LTI Delivers has achieved with Trucker Tools proves that you don’t need limitless resources, expensive infrastructure or a long timeline to increase the service that you provide to shippers as a brokerage.

With smart decision making, thoughtful partnerships and a dedication to providing the highest levels of service to your shippers, you can up your service game significantly and stay competitive with much larger players in the brokerage market. Read on to learn how LTI Delivers has found an ideal technology partner in Trucker Tools.

Manual Load Tracking Inefficient and Time-Consuming

Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, LTI Delivers specializes in transportation management, freight brokerage, and truckload services. The company places a high value on customer satisfaction and long-term retention of its valued customers as evidenced in its name, which honors the company’s guiding values of Leadership, Trust and Integrity.

In early 2018, LTI Delivers was in search of a visibility solution that could increase freight visibility and efficiency while reducing check-calls and automating load tracking. At the time, LTI Delivers was tracking all of its loads manually using check-calls, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Leadership at LTI Delivers wanted to use the new visibility solution as a service differentiator that could help the company retain its current shippers and attract new shipper customers.

Trucker Tools’ Visibility Solution Reduces Check-Calls by 40 Percent

In June of 2018, LTI Delivers rolled out the Trucker Tools’ driver app to its dedicated ICON Carriers and began to see results almost immediately. With the integration between Trucker Tools’ driver app and its McLeod PowerBroker TMS, LTI Delivers’ operations staff members gained visibility of the freight loads carried by its ICON fleet. Instead of relying on check-calls to carrier dispatchers and truckers, staff members can see the location of freight with a few mouse clicks within the TMS. Location information is automatically updated every 15 minutes to ensure that LTI Delivers has continuous visibility, from the time the load leaves the shipper’s facility until it has reached its final destination.

As a result of its implementation of Trucker Tools’ visibility solution, LTI Delivers has reduced its check-calls by 40 percent for its ICON fleet. With fewer check-calls and the benefit of Trucker Tools’ highly accurate GPS-powered visibility platform, LTI Delivers’ operations team has more time to devote to increasing load volume and cultivating relationships with new shipper and carrier partners. Since the initial Trucker Tools roll-out, LTI Delivers has implemented Trucker Tools’ visibility platform with the remainder of its carrier network, as well.

Greater Visibility with Trucker Tools Raises Bar on Shipper Service

In 2019, LTI Delivers achieved an 86 percent average visibility compliance rate with its ICON fleet, which represents a significant portion of its total business. In the last four months alone, LTI Delivers is averaging 90 percent visibility compliance success within its ICON carrier base. According to LTI Delivers’ leadership, this is a significant gain in visibility and is making an immediate impact on its relationships with shippers.

One of LTI Delivers’ shippers, in particular, who typically has four or five stops for each freight load is especially happy with the new Trucker Tools visibility solution. The shipper can access real-time location information on freight at any time and update its own customers with accurate ETAs as needed thanks to Trucker Tools.

LTI Delivers also has recently implemented Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity carrier relationship and capacity management platform. Leveraging machine-learning and powerful predictive algorithms, Smart Capacity provides LTI Delivers with access to carrier capacity via a private network. LTI Delivers can see available trucks within its preferred carrier network before they’re posted publicly, which provides a leg up on the competition and positions LTI Delivers to better serve its shippers. LTI Delivers’ carrier development specialist is using Smart Capacity to bring new carriers into the company’s network and to cultivate capacity based on carrier lane history.

With Trucker Tools, LTI Delivers has gained access to the same technology that large brokers use in their operations, but at a fraction of the price. Its partnership with Trucker Tools is allowing LTI Delivers to stand toe-to-toe with larger brokers in providing highly accurate load tracking and scalable freight capacity — while increasing efficiency and reducing manual tasks. And that’s a winning combination.

To find out how Trucker Tools can increase visibility and efficiency for your brokerage, schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools digital freight matching and visibility tool.

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