Company Snapshot:

  • LTI Delivers is an Iowa based transportation solutions provider that offers logistics, trucking, and intermodal services.
  • LTI Delivers is a full-service transportation company that offers transportation management, freight brokerage and truckload services encompassing freight management, temperature-controlled, refrigerated, dry van, bulk, hopper, and dedicated solutions.
  • LTI Delivers places a high value on customer satisfaction and long-term retention of its valued customers.

Client Challenges:

  • LTI heavily relied on check-in calls to track freight, resulting in low operational efficiency.
  • LTI had low visibility compliance and struggled with how to provide continuous, real-time visibility to shippers.
  • The company lacked a visibility tool that could seamlessly integrate with their TMS, McLeod PowerBroker software


  • Migrated to Trucker Tools for accurate, real-time tracking.
  • Integrated its McLeod TMS with Smart Capacity.
  • Expanded the use of Trucker Tools’ visibility platform to include its transactional, out of network carriers.
  • Implemented Trucker Tools predictive load matching solution.


  • 86% average tracking compliance success rate for 2019.
  • 90% average tracking compliance success over the past four months.
  • 40% reduction in daily check-calls.
  • Automation of load tracking.
  • Ability to provide higher service level for shipper customers.
  • Increase in carrier capacity.

To see how Trucker Tools can increase your visibility compliance and reduce your check-in calls, request a free Trucker Tools load visibility demo.