April 5, 2021 | TruckerTools

Scaling Your Technology Up to Enhance Customer Engagement

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The goal: secure capacity faster, reduce trucker downtime, cut costs, improve carrier engagement, and raise the service bar.

GlobalTranz was among the industry’s first to recognize and act on the potential for digitizing the freight brokerage model. They’ve built leading-edge solutions, and engaged with strategic best of breed partners, to continually improve their technology offering – driving ongoing benefits to both their partner-carriers and shipper-customers.

This conversation with Russ Felker, CTO of GlobalTranz, Prasad Gollapalli, CEO of Trucker Tools, and Adrian Gonzalez, President of Adelante, will examine GlobalTranz’s digital transformation journey, the importance of a technology partner, and how you should measure success moving forward.

How has technology helped GlobalTranz adapt to changing market conditions?

The pandemic hit the freight industry almost over night causing businesses to work remotely and adapt to the new working conditions they were facing.

Communication and flexibility are the two main things GlobalTranz realized they needed during this time to allow for the constant interactions they have on a daily basis, internally and externally.

Russ Felker, CTO of GlobalTranz dives into how embracing digital technology was a necessity for GlobalTranz, empowering them to do the job from wherever they are and allowed them to maintain the constant communication they needed to keep the business running. 

What brokerage capabilities have moved from “nice to have” to “must haves”?

Over the years, we’ve seen many capabilities move from being “nice to have” to being now required by shippers. The year 2020, accelerated this timeframe from 3-5 years down to 6 months.

Now, automation of manual tasks is a must have capability for brokers especially with the remote working world we live in today.

Watch this clip to learn from Russ Felker of GlobalTranz, Prasad Gollapalli of Trucker Tools, and Adrian Gonzalez of Adelante about why digital freight matching and automating workflows is a requirement for brokers and how it helped GlobalTranz adapt to the changing market conditions.

How to prioritize technology needs and approach the build vs. buy vs. partner option?

Many brokers struggle with how to prioritize technology needs and where to start. It is important to look at the big picture and the underlying investments that can create value to not only you, but to your shippers and carriers as well.

Russ Felker, CTO of GlobalTranz, Prasad Gollapalli of Trucker Tools and Adrian Gonzalez of Adelante provide insights into what to look at first when prioritizing technology and what will bring the most value and ROI to your brokerage.

What defines a successful partnership between a technology vendor and a broker?

When choosing a technology vendor, it is important to choose a vendor that will be more of a partner that you can build a strategic relationship with.

Prasad Gollapalli, Russ Felker and Adrian Gonzalez dive into the major questions you need to ask your technology partner to bridge the company strategies together and what your technology partner should be doing to align with your business needs.

How can technology providers help you on your digital transformation journey?

Technology has made a huge impact in the transportation industry over the past several years but even more so in the past year.

Technology companies, like Trucker Tools, can help brokers become more effective, efficient and resilient in their day to day activities.

Russ Felker of GlobalTranz, provides insights into how they plan to use technology to provide more information and data points to their shipper customers, build a loyal carrier network, and use technology more effectively to get better outcomes for all parties. 

How should brokers and 3PLs measure success moving forward?

There has always been a cost focus around measuring growth and success, but there are other factors that come into play to scale up your brokerage.

Russ Felker from GlobalTranz discusses other metrics that are critical to success such as efficiency, consistency and resiliency and why you should focus on those metrics moving forward.

Prasad Gollapalli from Trucker Tools also provides insights into how you can reduce the variable cost of covering a load and why it is an important metric to your success.

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