September 3, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Talking Logistics: How Syfan Achieved an Average of 84% Tracking Compliance With Trucker Tools

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Freight visibility is a must-have for brokers and 3PLs due to the more stringent expectations of shippers. Shippers expect to know where their load is at all times. Providing timely and accurate information to shippers is very important for brokers in order to stay ahead of the competition. Syfan Logistics faced significant challenges in providing accurate, start to finish freight visibility before they migrated to Trucker Tools.

Carrier adoption of tracking apps is a huge challenge for brokers and 3PLs today, which causes low visibility. Syfan Logistics experienced higher carrier adoption after switching to Trucker Tools due to the added value that the app provided to their drivers. The Trucker Tools driver app is a lifestyle app for trucker with 17 valued features to help the trucker on the road. With this increased carrier adoption, Syfan Logistics was able to drastically increase tracking visibility with the Trucker Tools driver app.

With the migration of Trucker Tools, Syfan Logistics was able to:

  • Reach peak tracking compliance of 95% and an average of 84%
  • Reduce check-in calls by 30%
  • Increase tracking freight accuracy by 50%, accurate pickup and delivery confirmations

In their search for a new technology vendor, Syfan was looking for a partner with exceptional customer service and that was cost-effective. The cost and customer service that Trucker Tools provided set them apart from other companies and was a major factor in Syfan’s decision to partner with Trucker Tools.

Trucker Tools was priced based on per load rather than per day which was much more cost-effective for Syfan. Trucker Tools also worked directly with Syfan to customize the platform to support what Syfan needed it to do. Trucker Tools is more than just a vendor, Syfan Logistics considers the company family.

Syfan has achieved better visibility through the integration between their TMS and Trucker Tools. Syfan has full visibility of their loads, right within the TMS, which resulted in a reduction of check-in calls by 30 percent. Smart Capacity has also allowed them to gain more visibility when matching loads, not just tracking.

For more information on Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform, read our blog on How Syfan Logistics increased accurate pickup and delivery confirmations by 50% and reduced check-in calls by 30% with the Trucker Tools driver app.

To schedule a free demo of the Trucker Tools Smart Capacity platform, contact our sales team at or call 703-955-3560.

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