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May 19, 2021 | TruckerTools

Top ELD Providers for Drivers, Carriers and Brokers

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It’s always good to have more choices, which is why Trucker Tools has partnered up with leading Electronic Logging Device providers from across the transportation industry. Trucker Tools’ ELD integration partnerships allow truckers to use an ELD device to digitally track loads on Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform. If for some reason a trucker can’t use the Trucker Tools free mobile app to track a load, they have the option to use their ELD for load tracking purposes. Check out these top ELD providers for drivers, carriers and brokers whose devices integrate with Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform — and who are leading the way in ELD technology.

Azuga Fleet™

The Azuga ELD ensures that fleets are ELD-compliant, while helping you avoid costly tickets, penalties and fees. This simple to use ELD helps you maintain accurate logbooks and automates back-office record keeping to reduce the burden on administrative staff. Azuga’s eLogs ELD also streamlines communications with dispatch, makes roadside inspections more efficient, and helps you optimize your resources and load planning.

Blue Ink Tech

Blue Ink Tech’s ELD (also known as the BIT ELD) is an app-based ELD with a simple user interface designed to make logbooks easy for drivers of all experience levels. The BIT ELD includes sleeper split shift, team driving, and recap/planning tools for added flexibility, as well as quick forms for inspections and documents to reduce paperwork. Paperless DVIRs reduce the time devoted to inspections, while one-tap log certifications save drivers time.


The EROAD ELD is an energy efficient, hard-wired, reliable and easy to use device that stores and sends encrypted HOS-related data using cellular networks. With the EROAD ELD, truckers don’t have to use Bluetooth technology to connect to the ELD, which eliminates potential connectivity issues. EROAD’s ELD simplifies compliance with HOS regulations and log management. EROAD partners with national and state regulatory associations and the FMCSA to stay up to date on regulatory issues and changes.


FlexFeet’s ELD helps drivers and fleets stay safe, well-maintained, legal and on time. The company provides on-site ELD driver and administrator training and doesn’t require a long-term contract. The low-cost, reliable FlexFleet ELD comes with 24/7 exceptional service and support and no hidden fees. In addition to ELDs, the company also offers no-contract GPS devices for fleets.

Gorilla Safety

The Gorilla Safety ELD is a reliable ELD that simplifies compliance with HOS rules. An on-screen set-up process that only takes about 15 seconds to complete makes set-up a breeze for truckers. The Gorilla Safety ELD is affordable and manufactured in the U.S.A. With the ELD, it’s easy to share logbooks with DOT and CVSA officials when necessary. The ELD installs software updates and security patches automatically to make sure that drivers meet current ELD/HOS requirements.

GPS Insight

GPS Insight’s ELD helps businesses and government entities increase their fleets’ revenue, reduce costs and reduce risks. The ELD comes with 24/7 support, a dedicated account manager and a help center to make sure that drivers have what they need. GPS Insight’s ELD is an easy to use device with features that address safety, driver accountability and productivity. Truckers and carriers can choose to use either a hard-wired ELD device or use GPS Insight’s ELD mobile app.


GPSTab’s ELD puts everything that’s compliance-related in one place for truckers. With this driver-focused ELD, you can consolidate and organize multiple DOT authorities, and maintain and audit records easily. The GPSTab ELD also offers inspection discretion that only shows what’s legally required to be recorded. Backend management includes easy to pull, uncomplicated reporting. Fleet managers can use the ELD to monitor driver safety to help improve fleet safety scores. 

ISAAC Instruments

With ISAAC Instruments’ ELD, drivers’ electronic logbooks are updated automatically as they drive across the U.S. and Canada. The ISAAC tablet ELD uses Wi-Fi communication instead of cellular network coverage to ensure HOS compliance in all locations, no matter how rural. Truckers can optimize their schedules by viewing summaries of their remaining hours for the current day and for days in the future. Fleet managers and brokers also can share training materials and announcements via the ISAAC tablet.

J. J. Keller & Associates

The ELD offered by J.J. Keller & Associates is compatible with all vehicle classes, Classes 1 through 8. Drivers can get this easy to install ELD up and running quickly using two hours of free personal support from a J.J. Keller implementation expert. The J.J. Keller ELD provides violation, unassigned drive time and missing log alerts to help you stay in compliance. Software updates don’t require a hardware swap and the ELD includes the free Encompass ELD app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


LionEight’s ELD helps drivers and fleets prevent and track HOS violations before they happen. Once the device is plugged into the driver’s vehicle, the ELD connects via Bluetooth to the driver’s smartphone. With the LionEight’s ELD Rider mobile app, drivers can easily review hours and certify logs. In addition to satisfying the FMCSA ELD mandate, the LionEight ELD helps fleets increase productivity and operational efficiency, and improves dispatch planning.

M2M In Motion

The M2M In Motion ELD is a cloud-based, affordable solution that offers app-based HOS compliance to fleets of all sizes. The company’s ELD combines hours of service compliance with GPS and sensor data to increase safety and make your daily operations more efficient. M2M In Motion offers 24/7 support, free onsite and remote training, data analytics and dedicated customer support to ELD users. The M2M In Motion app brings ELD capabilities to any Android or iOS device.


Omnitracs’ ELD is a driver-friendly device that is durable and easy to use. The ELD includes hands-free functionality, a self-dimming screen, touchscreen display and timely alerts that simplify HOS compliance for drivers. The ELD’s automatic logging system saves truckers time, while the HoursGo mobile app gives drivers the ability to check their logs quickly and clock in and out remotely. The Omnitracs ELD includes 24/7 support to help you stay ahead of roadside inspections and reduce driver citations.

Rand McNally

Rand McNally ELDs can be installed in seconds and give truckers the ability to view driving hours and certify logs using a smartphone, tablet or Rand McNally truck navigation device. The ELD connects via Bluetooth technology to the driver’s smartphone or tablet with no other installations required. If for some reason the driver loses connectivity, the Rand McNally ELD will continue recording HOS logs and store up to two days of data on the device. 

ThinAir Telematics

ThinAir Telematics’ app-based ELD keeps truckers updated on how much time they have until they need to take a break, stop driving for the day or end their week. The app is easy to install and drivers can start breaks, access logs and provide information for roadside inspection with a single tap. The ELD’s automatic duty and driver status updates save time for drivers and managers. Comprehensive reporting capabilities provide insights that help improve driver safety and reduce fatigue.

Trimble Transportation

With Trimble Transportation’s ELD platform, you can keep your drivers and fleet in compliance, while minimizing driver safety risks. The ELD, which is built on the Android operating system, makes it easy to track and report HOS details, taking the burden of compliance off the shoulders of drivers. Trimble Transportation’s ELD helps you pinpoint potential violations before they happen. Data from the device also can be used to improve dispatch operations and back-office decision making. 


TruckX offers two options, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app or a wired ELD tablet, both of which are suitable for owner operators, small carriers and large fleets. The TruckX ELD provides live HOS alerts to drivers and one-click audit reporting. This easy-to-use, easy-to-install ELD includes 24/7 support and IFTA calculation. TruckX also offers a mobile app for dispatchers that allows dispatchers to stay up to date on driver logs and logbook violations.

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