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Trucker Tools’ 13 Newest ELD Integration Partnerships

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To date, Trucker Tools has partnered with 80 different ELD providers in the trucking industry. If you’re a trucker, our robust ELD provider network gives you another option to use when you’re tracking a load with a freight broker or logistics provider that uses Trucker Tools’ load tracking software. As a freight broker or 3PL, Trucker Tools’ powerful ELD network lets you give carriers and owner operators another stable load tracking option to use, in addition to the Trucker Tools driver app.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added another 13 FMCSA-approved ELD providers to our network over the last few months, giving you even more options to choose for load tracking. Meet our newest ELD integration partners below!

AT&T Fleet Management

AT&T Fleet Management is a web-based telematics and ELD solution that helps you efficiently manage fleets and vehicle/driver performance. Comprehensive mapping and an extensive suite of customizable reports help you enhance driver retention, safety, operational efficiency, fuel efficiency and compliance. Fleet Management includes on-board engine and truck diagnostics, dispatch integration, temperature monitoring and more.


With AVLTrack, you can track vehicles in real-time, protect your assets, and run distance and speed reports to ensure full compliance. Designed for the international market, this ELD technology uses 4G/LTE cellular networks to record HOS log data. Precision mapping and proprietary vehicle data software helps you save money on fuel and protect your assets.


Dumax is a leader in satellite tracking and GPS services, providing an easy-to-use and easy-to-set up ELD to the trucking and transportation industries. Malfunction/diagnostic pop-ups notifying drivers and fleet managers of low battery, HOS violations and other technical malfunctions, while maintaining digital duty logs.


Fleethunt lets fleet managers monitor and incentivize driving behaviors using cellular and satellite networks. Operators and managers can review reports to better understand speeding, distance traveled, ignition and other metrics. Customizable, instant notifications keep drivers and fleet managers up to date on vehicle health, while a simple to use route navigation tool helps drivers stay focused.


With EasiTrack, you can view your entire fleet or view the locations of specific vehicles at any time. For each vehicle, you can see its address, status, speed (if moving) in real-time, and the day/time of the vehicle’s last event. Route replay, geofence overlays, event detail, speed control, starter enable/disable, remote control, temperature monitoring, driver and fuel logs, and a dispatch feature help you manage drivers and assets with greater efficiency.

Fleet Complete

BigRoad, Fleet Complete’s ELD, the winner of the 2017 North American ELD Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award, is available to U.S. and Canadian fleets. The ELD can accommodate up to two drivers, which is ideal for team drivers and multiple team members using the same truck. BigRoad automates record of duty logs by capturing engine power, vehicle motion status, miles driver and engine hours. With BigRoad, you can easily pull accurate reports for roadside inspections.

GPS Border

GPS Border’s BlueLink ELD is an all-in-one plug and play device that sends GPS and ECM data via Bluetooth to any tablet or smartphone. In addition to maintaining digital driver logbooks, the ELD sends periodic engine diagnostic codes to fleet managers. When integrated with GPS Border’s DriverLog, fleet managers have a complete ELD and GPS based fleet management system at their disposal.

Maven Machines

Maven Machines is an all-in-one fleet management platform that helps you boost efficiency, improve safety and maximize profit margins. This app-based ELD can reduce the time spent on log edits by more than 50 percent, while also reducing HOS violations. Fast installation means drivers are up and running in minutes. Color-coded overviews of HOS, fuel tax and inspection status help you maintain compliance.

Nationwide Technologies

Nationwide Technologies’ ELD lets you easily track drivers, generate IFTA reports, and comply with HOS and ELD regulations. Engine and location data is captured by the mounted ELD device, which is then forwarded to the ELD’s companion app and/or Nationwide’s LiveTrak fleet management software.

Nero Global Tracking

Nero Global’s ELD and GPS telematics help you comply with ELD regulations while streamlining internal workflows and increasing revenue. With Nero Global’s ELD, drivers gain easy access to logs and inspections, can automatically switch between U.S. and Canadian loads, and may complete pre and post-trip inspections electronically. Fleet managers see a reduction in paperwork, automate state mileage reports and can view duty status in real-time with Nero Global.

One Step GPS

One Step GPS’ ELD pairs with your phone or tablet. With the ELD’s companion app, you can stay up to date on regulations and exemptions and monitor your truck’s engine control systems. A web-based fleet manager portal, risky driver behavior alerts, vehicle maintenance alerts, fuel monitoring, and additional text/email alerts help you stay in compliance and reduce risk.

Tracker Systems Inc.

Tracker Systems’ ELD displays a driver’s status, last contact and position, drive-shift-and-cycle time left, gain time, violation info and other logs. Robust reporting includes hours and miles, edit logs, DVIR, hours worked, IFTA and multiple drivers. Reports can be conveniently exported in PDF or Excel format.


TrackM2M’s eLog/ELD supports Android and Apple smart phones and tablets and is available in English, French and Spanish. With TrackM2M’s ELD, inspectors only see the data they need to see. A web-based portal provides anytime access to fleet and support staff. Weekday, evening and weekend support are included with no additional charge. The ELD includes IFTA fuel receipt capture and IFTA distance per region reports.

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