June 21, 2023 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools Launches SMS and WhatsApp Load Tracking with New Text to Track Solution

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Text to Track

Trucker Tools is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Text to Track solution that allows freight brokers to track loads in real-time using SMS and WhatsApp text message technology. With Text to Track, all you need is the contact information for the driver delivering the load to achieve the start to finish, real-time visibility your customers need and require. Text to Track is one of the many tools included in Trucker Tools’ full integrated tracking suite that together increase carrier compliance to ensure that no load goes untracked. When you partner with Trucker Tools for visibility, you can offer multiple tracking options to drivers and carriers, including SMS and WhatsApp text, ELD and mobile app tracking via Trucker Tools’ driver app.

About Text to Track

It’s no secret that drivers and carriers have different technology preferences when it comes to load tracking. Text to Track gives you another tool in your arsenal with which you can boost compliance and productivity, while honoring the tech preferences of your preferred carriers. With Text to Track, you know where every load is and can view each load’s progress from a single pane of glass that’s integrated with your systems and workflows to maximize efficiency. Integrate Text to Track with your TMS and you’ll receive live location updates, images, and PoD and BoL documents in your TMS, just as you do with our mobile app tracking.

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Benefits for Freight Brokers

With Trucker Tools’ Text to Track and load tracking suite, you can expand your carrier network to include a more diverse range of carriers that will ultimately help you increase freight visibility and provide even greater customer service to your shippers. With the ability to track via ELD, app or text message, you always have a secondary tracking option to use if an issue occurs. Use Trucker Tools’ tracking suite to automate load tracking and select the best tracking option without manual intervention. Instead of maintaining three separate partnerships for ELD, mobile app and text based freight tracking, Trucker Tools streamlines your visibility technology by providing you with a water visibility solution, all in one singular platform. 

Text to Track doesn’t limit how many documents can be uploaded. Once a driver uploads a proof of delivery document, it will automatically be uploaded to and recognized by your TMS as a PoD doc. As nearshoring becomes increasingly popular, Text to Track (and Trucker Tools’ driver app) also supports two-way, multilingual chat, which facilitates real-time communication with drivers. Text to Track phone support is available for free 24 hours/day and seven days/week for brokers, carriers and drivers. 

How Text to Track Works

Setting up a driver to track via SMS or WhatsApp with Text to Track is simple. Simply enter the driver’s contact information in Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform and Text to Track will send the driver a one-time WhatsApp or SMS message with a tracking link. Once the driver clicks on the link, you’ll automatically start receiving tracking information on the load in your TMS. That’s it! 

To learn more about Trucker Tools’ Text to Track or to request a free demo, visit  

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