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Trucker Tools’ Q4 Visibility Compliance Champions

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There’s no denying that real-time, digital freight tracking benefits your customers. Shippers value freight visibility because it helps them better manage their staffing and other resources. Digital load tracking also makes it easier for your customers to identify inefficiencies in their operations and supply chains. Real-time, digital load tracking improves the efficiency of your own operations and that of your carrier partners, as well.

In 2020, Trucker Tools began recognizing those brokers and logistics providers who consistently achieve high visibility compliance rates with Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform as Visibility Compliance Champions. Our quarterly Visibility Champions include broker and 3PL businesses big and small who all are committed to providing the highest levels of service to their customers. In this blog, we are celebrating those companies that achieved visibility compliance rates in the 80th percentile and higher for the fourth quarter of 2020. Way to go, Visibility Champs!  

Companies That Achieved 80 Percent or Higher Visibility Compliance for the First Time in Q4

Congratulations to the logistics companies and brokers who achieved 80 to 89 percent visibility compliance with Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2020! Those whose average visibility compliance rates are 80 to 89 percent are designated as Platinum Visibility Compliance Champs. An 80 percent visibility compliance rate means that 80 percent of the load tracking requests sent to carriers were accepted and successful.

Barton Logistics

GIX Logistics

Syfan Logistics, Inc.

Repeat Visibility Compliance Champions

Consistency is king when it comes to providing freight visibility to shippers. Your ability to reliably provide accurate visibility data to shippers helps you retain your current customers and attract new shippers. Congratulations to those brokers and 3PLs who have achieved 80 percent and higher visibility compliance for both the third quarter and fourth quarters of 2020!

Repeat Diamond Champions (90 Percent or Higher Visibility Compliance):

Diel – Jerue Logistics, Inc

LTI Delivers, Inc.

Manufacturers Transportation, Inc.

Mulino Trading

Scout Logistics

Surge Transportation

United Logistics, Inc.

Repeat Platinum Champions (80 Percent or Higher Visibility Compliance):

A.M. Transportation Services

Avenger Logistics

Choptank Transport

Crosson Logistics (Landstar GAD)

DSC Logistics

Kirsch Transportation Services

Reliant Transportation

RMX Global Logistics

Transportation Impact

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