We are growing our capabilities with Trucker Tools to deliver a better experience for carriers and easier access to the high-quality loads they expect from Schneider. Trucker Tools is also a big selling point, especially with the small and micro-carriers, because of the popularity of its mobile app.”
Erin Van Zeeland
Senior Vice President and General Manager


Too Many Calls
You make 20-30 calls to book one load

You have no or little visibility of the load’s
location and make numerous check-in calls

You’re bombarded with emails and
other notifications offering capacity

Your network of drivers doesn’t work efficiently,
and you pay high rates to book a load

Your access to capacity
is limited

You spend time onboarding new carriers,
but never work with them again

If any of these sound familiar, don’t worry you’re not alone. Smart Capacity platform was built as a powerful workflow tool to save time, increase productivity and keep carriers rolling.

…[technology will] help make our internal carrier sales people more efficient by talking to trucks they know are in the particular region.”
Geoff Turner, President & CEO
Choptank Transport

Disrupt the disruptors with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform solutions for brokers and 3PLs.


Reduces inaccurate, stale truckload capacity information. Reduces the booking time process and eliminates numbers and time spent on calls and emails. Provides a continually updated view of the latest available trucks in your network, their location and status. Helps you efficiently plan your loads ahead securing the loads with the right truck at the right time.


Fully automated tracking supports truckloads, LTLs and multi-stop operations. Automatically captures start and stop details without additional calls or driver input.Offers brokers and shippers the ability to follow a load’s route and receive updates on truck’s location in real time.

Ready to put Trucker Tools to work?

Learn how you can disrupt the disruptors.

Trucker Tools platform offers an average of 70% tracking success from start to finish and helps your increase operational efficiency.

Leverage our connected platform of 130,000+ small carriers and over 725,000 drivers on our mobile app to move loads promptly and keep the best carriers rolling.

Book loads and reduce number of calls placed to book load and cost of covering a load and enhance your productivity and increase revenue.

Over 80% of carriers vanish after they deliver their load. Reconnect with these “one load wonders” using Smart Capacity and regularly BOOK freight with them.

… we can book freight days in advance by capturing truck capacity before anyone else does.”
VP of Logistics
East Coast Transport

smart capacity

Ready to put Smart Capacity to work?

Hundreds of brokers, 3PLs and fleet operators are already using Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform to make better freight matches, increase load tracking and compliance and build better relationships with their business partners.

These companies are already using Smart Capacity


Trucker Tools Adds TVC Pro-Driver to Portfolio of Services for Independent Truckers

Trucker Tools Adds Ryder Freight Brokerage to its Digital Carrier Engagement Platform

ARL Logistics Taps Trucker Tools for Smart Capacity Predictive Freight-Matching, Automated One-Click Load Booking with “Book It Now®”

Strategy Systems Expands Integration with Trucker Tools, adds “Book It Now®” to TMS Platform

BlueGrace Logistics Selects Trucker Tools for Real-time Truckload Shipment Visibility

Trucker Tools Takes Werner Enterprises Live for Real-time Shipment Visibility, Predictive Freight-Matching and Automated Booking

Beemac Logistics Deploys Trucker Tools for Real-time Automated Shipment Tracking, Digital Document Management with Truckload Carriers

Trucker Tools, OTR Capital Team Up to Extend Automated Load-Matching and One-Click Booking for Independent Truckers

3PL Systems Inc. Integrates its Brokerware platform with Trucker Tools Smart Capacity

Trucker Tools Adds SecurSpace to Platform, Expands Overnight Parking Resources for Nation’s Truck Drivers