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Be Sure To Join Trucker Tools at TIA’s 3PLXTEND Xperience Oct. 20-22, 2021

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Trucker Tools will join third party logistics innovators and thought-leaders from across the industry Oct. 20-22, 2021, for the Transportation Intermediaries Association’s 3PLXTEND Xperience. The conference, formerly known as 3PL Technovations, will be held in San Antonio at the JW Marriott Resort and will provide freight brokers and logistics providers with the opportunity to learn about new and evolving technologies. 

Trucker Tools’ Chief Technology Officer Murali Yellepeddy will be among those leading educational sessions at 3PLXTEND Xperience. In addition, Trucker Tools will provide a demonstration of its real-time visibility platform, digital freight matching and automated load booking tool Book It Now® at this year’s event. Other members of the Trucker Tools team will be available at Trucker Tools’ informational kiosk in the exhibit hall. 

Key Details About TIA’s 3PLXTEND Xperience 

3PLXTEND Xperience will include technology showcases, general educational sessions, panel discussions, keynote speakers, networking events, an exhibit hall and informational kiosks. All of the above are designed to provide freight brokers and 3PLs like you with the chance to experience and evaluate the latest technologies that are driving the industry forward. More than 400 logistics and freight broker professionals are expected to attend this year’s event. 

TIA’s 3PLXTEND VIRTUAL XPERIENCE, the online virtual segment of the conference, includes 18 hours of interactive learning, networking and exhibitor showcases for those who aren’t able to attend the conference in person. The keynote speaker at the 2021 TIA 3PLXTEND Xperience will be veteran NBA star Bruce Bowen, who spent nearly a decade with the San Antonio Spurs. Bowen won three NBA Championships with the Spurs and his keynote “Coaching for Success” will focus on the importance of teamwork in achieving a high level of success. 

Trucker Tools’ Panel Discussion: Leveraging Technology To Understand Carrier Capacity Volatility

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America in early 2020, the industry has seen major changes to the supply of and demand for carrier capacity. These changes have pushed freight rates to historic highs and made it more difficult for freight brokers and logistics providers like you to find the carriers needed to transport goods. Significant disruptions to supply chains and a backlog of ships and containers on both the East and West Coasts have further restricted the carrier capacity available to freight brokers and 3PLs.

On Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021, Trucker Tools CTO Yellepeddy will be joined by Leonard’s Express Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer and TIA Board Chair Michael Riccio and by’s Chief Operations Officer Kendra Trucker for a panel discussion at 3PLXTEND Xperience entitled “Leveraging Technology to Understand Carrier Capacity Volatility.” The panel presentation will focus on how freight brokers and logistics providers like you can use technology to better understand ongoing carrier capacity volatility and to identify available carrier capacity in the current environment. This is a discussion that you don’t want to miss, so be sure to attend the panel on Oct. 21, 2021, 8:30-9:30 a.m., in room Grand G-I!

Technology Showcase with Trucker Tools

Yellepeddy also will lead a demonstration of Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform, digital freight matching platform and Book It Now® as part of the conference’s technology showcases. This demonstration will highlight how the Trucker Tools platform and companion driver mobile app facilitate the real-time exchange of data between freight brokers and 3PLs and owner operator and carriers. With this exchange of data, freight brokers and 3PLs like you can track loads digitally, while reducing or eliminating the need for check calls. Brokers and 3PLs who implement Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform typically meet or even surpass the visibility KPIs established by shippers.

The demonstration also will highlight the power of Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform and Book It Now® technology. These two technologies together allow you to find and secure capacity faster with your preferred carriers and to tap into the capacity provided by the 175,000 carriers that are already on the Trucker Tools platform. Book It Now® offers owner operators and carriers 24/7 access to your loads and the added convenience of being able to book your loads digitally through the Trucker Tools app or carrier platform — with no load boards, phone calls or emails required. The seven minute demonstration of Trucker Tools’ real-time technology will be presented as part of Showcase 2 on Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021, 4:40- 5:10 p.m.

For more information about the Transportation Intermediaries Association’s 3PLXTEND Xperience, visit

Can’t make it to the conference? Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform, digital freight matching and Book It Now®. 

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