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Best Blogs of the Month for Brokers: January 2021

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It’s hard to believe that January is already over, but it is! January 2021 was certainly one to remember, as we saw freight volumes (and rates) remain elevated in many parts of the country. Though rejections have gone down slightly since the holidays ended, business is still booming for this time of year. 

Trucker Tools published several blogs in January about how you can take advantage of elevated volumes to grow your brokerage/ logistics business in the new year. Spoiler alert: it almost always requires technology. Our January blogs also brought you some key takeaways from our carrier health and fitness survey, as well as the announcement of our Diamond and Platinum Visibility Champs for Q4. Keep reading to find out what other tips, announcements and news we posted to our blog in this January 2021 monthly blog roundup. 

Five Ways To Reinvent Your Logistics/Brokerage Business

If you’re like many brokers and 3PLs, you may be looking for ways to run your business better as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause volatility in demand, rates and freight volume. The pandemic certainly has been challenging, but it also offers some insights into the changes you may need to make to weather the up and down swings in volume and demand that will likely continue in the future. Check out these five ways you can reinvent your logistics/brokerage business in 2021.

10 Ways Trucker Tools Reduces Costs for Brokers

When you spend a lot of time and resources covering, tracking and booking loads, your cost per load will tend to be high. In this blog, we examine how you can leverage technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs across your business. Using tools such as digital freight tracking, digital load matching and automated load booking in your operations can provide significant cost savings and give you more opportunities for growth.

Five Productivity Tips for Brokers and 3PLs

The productivity of your employees impacts customer satisfaction, asset utilization, profit margins and your ability to take on new business. But ask yourself this: are you giving your employees the tools that they need to be as productive as possible? In this blog, we examine five ways that you can increase productivity in your operations — and provide efficiency gains to your shipper and carrier partners, to boot.

Results from Our Trucker Health and Fitness Survey: Key Takeaways for Brokers

It’s no secret that truckers don’t have much flexibility in their schedules, which impacts their ability to exercise daily and prepare healthy meals. What you may not know is that the life expectancy of truckers is much lower than that of the general population. Truckers also are more likely to develop serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Trucker Tools recently surveyed nearly 200 truckers to learn more about their health and fitness challenges, successes and goals — the results of which we share with you in this blog.

Trucker Tools’ Q4 Visibility Compliance Champions

In this blog, we celebrate our Platinum and Diamond Visibility Champions for the fourth quarter of 2020. Our Visibility Champions are brokers/3PLs who are using Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform to meet or surpass their shippers’ visibility requirements. To be a Visibility Champion, your company’s average visibility compliance rate must be 80 percent or higher for the quarter. Find out who made our list for Q4. Congrats, Visibility Champs!

For more tips, insights and announcements, read our previous monthly link roundup, Top Blog Posts for Brokers and 3PLs: December 2020.

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