March 6, 2023 | TruckerTools

Broker Tip: Four Ways To Initiate ELD-Based Tracking

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Welcome to our newest Broker Tip! This ongoing series of tips provides time and cost-savings tips for busy freight brokers like you who want to increase productivity in your daily work. This newest blog in the series is dedicated to tracking freight with drivers’ ELDs. As a freight broker using Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility software platform, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get a carrier or driver set up for tracking with an ELD. In fact, there are four different ways to initiate an integration request for ELD-based tracking. Once completed, the carrier/driver will be able to track via their asset ID on assigned loads.

1. One-Click Integrations

Trucker Tools’ one-click integrations allow carrier and drivers to integrate their Motive, Samsara or Verizon Connect ELDs in seconds with a single click. To initiate the integration, simply send the one-click ELD integration instructions, which are supplied by Trucker Tools, to the carrier or driver via email. 

2. Load Track Portal ELD Invite

A second option is to invite carriers/drivers to integrate their ELDs for tracking from within Trucker Tools’ load tracking software platform. To get started, go to the home page of the load tracking dashboard and click on “Invite Carrier To Set Up ELD Tracking.” From there, you’ll be prompted to enter some basic information about the carrier/driver. Once this info is entered, our system will check to see if the carrier/driver is already set up to track with ELD. If not, we’ll send an email to the carrier/driver to complete ELD tracking set up.

3. Live Carrier Load

You have two options when it comes to initiating tracking with ELD on a live load. You can use the “Invite Carrier To Set Up ELD Tracking” option in our load tracking platform or you can send the carrier/driver a direct link to a page on our website through which they can complete the integration process online. We’ll provide a live load ELD-set up training deck to your team that includes an overview of how to initiate ELD-based load tracking when you have a carrier or driver live on the phone. 

ELD freight tracking

4. Contact the Trucker Tools ELD Team

The fourth and final way to initiate ELD-based load tracking with a carrier or driver is to directly contact Trucker Tools’ ELD team to facilitate the integration process. You can send integration requests to our ELD team at Be sure to include the carrier’s company name, MC number, email address and phone number. Our team will reach out to the carrier for next steps. 

If you have any questions or need help with ELD-based load tracking, please contact our ELD team at or call 703-955-3560.

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