October 28, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Brokers: The Future You Want Is Already Here

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The level of competition in the freight brokerage market is off the charts right now. To remain competitive as a freight broker, you have to meet your shipper’s needs, foster good relationships with carriers and keep your operation running efficiently. One of the greatest challenges you face when trying to meet these goals is the fragmented nature of the current carrier market. Case in point: approximately 200,000 plus carriers move the majority of freight in the market and they are primarily owner-operators and small/mid-sized trucking companies.

There are many freight management tools available to you, but what you’re looking for is a single, comprehensive platform for the small and mid-sized carrier market that can streamline your capacity searches and freight tracking. In an ideal world, this platform helps you find high-quality capacity when you need it, build stronger relationships with your carrier partners and tracks freight loads with high accuracy to keep your shippers happy.

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity: 130,000+ Small Carriers and Counting

Great news! The comprehensive capacity and relationship management platform that you’re looking for that also offers highly accurate visibility? It already exists. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity is that platform. Smart Capacity currently is used by 130,000+ small carriers, more than half of those 200,000 plus carriers who move most of the freight in the market today.

The fact that so many small carriers already are using Smart Capacity reduces the time and money you could spend on creating and implementing a custom software solution to meet your needs. It also reduces a potential source of conflict with your carrier partners. Instead of pushing technology on carriers that they don’t like, you can use a comprehensive platform that they already may be using.

Accurate and Automated Real-time Load Tracking

When Trucker Tools’ driver app is paired with Smart Capacity, you (and your carrier dispatchers who use Smart Capacity) receive accurate freight location information that is updated every five minutes. Our driver app leverages the GPS technology native to the trucker’s phone to determine the precise location of freight. Highly accurate load tracking reduces time spent on check calls and allows you to address service issues as they occur while providing real-time visibility to your shippers.

You can even automate the load tracking process with Smart Capacity so that when the truck approaches the shipper’s loading dock, load tracking automatically begins. Once the truck leaves the receiver’s facility, load tracking automatically stops.

Truckers appreciate this feature because it makes load tracking a truly automated, hands-free experience for them. Each time that load tracking starts and stops, the trucker receives a notification, which makes load tracking transparent for truckers — something they greatly appreciate.

Digital Freight Matching, Scalable Capacity When You Need It

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity includes a predictive freight matching tool that utilizes machine learning and powerful algorithms to match your open loads with carriers within your preferred network. You also can use Smart Capacity to search for trucks according to specific preferences and to book multiple loads/reloads with a carrier in a single communication. What’s great about Smart Capacity is that it ultimately reduces the time you spend searching for capacity, which decreases your cost per load.

The fact that Smart Capacity’s free companion driver app has been downloaded by more than 750,000 truckers means that during peak seasons, you can expand your out of network carrier capacity as needed. This flexibility and scalability keep you agile and able to meet shifting capacity needs throughout the year.

Don’t get left in the dust by your competitors. Instead, make the strategic decision to use tools like Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity in your brokerage. Smart Capacity is a comprehensive platform that provides real value to you, your shippers and your carrier partners.

Learn more about how Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and driver app can increase freight visibility and operational efficiency for your company by scheduling a free demo.

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