October 25, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools’ Affordable Visibility Solution: Raising Visibility Compliance, Reducing Check Calls and Lowering Costs for Brokers

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If you’re a broker, freight visibility is something that you spend a lot of time working on and thinking about, and with good reason. Major shippers require 80 to 90 percent visibility compliance for their loads. If you don’t deliver that level of visibility, you risk losing the shipper’s business. (No pressure!)

You probably feel stuck using single-function freight tracking apps with your carriers with limited success and have to lean heavily on manual phone calls to make up the difference. Devoting human resources and time to manual check calls hurts your profit margins and makes your business less competitive, which is something you can’t afford to do.

If you’re interested in improving visibility compliance, reducing check calls and lowering your cost per load, read on to learn how Trucker Tools’ visibility solution can help you with all of the above — and for less than what your current visibility provider may be charging you.

Raise Visibility Compliance with All-in-One Driver App

There’s a good chance that one of the barriers to greater visibility compliance for your brokerage is low carrier adoption of your single feature tracking-only mobile app. Owner-operators and small trucking companies, in particular, see tracking-only apps as “one and done” technology. Most carriers work with multiple brokers. If they need to download and use a new app every time they work with a new broker, it severely impacts their drive time and profits. At the end of the day, carriers aren’t interested in using apps that don’t meet their business needs.

Using Trucker Tools’ driver app in your brokerage gives carriers a tracking tool that they can use with multiple brokers. The other significant advantage that Trucker Tools’ driver app has over single feature tracking-only apps is that it does more than just track freight. Trucker Tools’ driver app also provides carriers with 17 highly sought after tools and features designed to increase their efficiency. That’s why our driver app is consistently adopted by carriers at higher rates than apps that just track freight. It’s also why our broker partners are able to increase their visibility compliance significantly.

Reduce Check Calls with Automated Load Tracking

In this age of technological advancement, using manual check calls to truckers or carrier dispatchers to track freight doesn’t make much sense. Manual check calls are time-consuming and require additional personnel. Wouldn’t you rather be finding more loads and making more money instead of wasting time on check calls? The good news is that using Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform and our driver app can bring you a significant reduction in the number of check calls you have to make for each load.

When you use Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity visibility solution, you receive automated truck location updates every five minutes. Unlike some older tracking technologies, Trucker Tools uses the GPS technology native to the trucker’s smartphone to provide you with highly accurate location data so that you always have visibility of your loads. With continuous access to accurate tracking information, you can better manage exceptions and proactively address service issues as they occur.

Lower Your Costs with Trucker Tools

Smart Capacity’s ability to reduce check-calls and provide you with highly accurate, start-to-finish load tracking information means that your brokerage can operate more efficiently. Instead of making 8-10 check-calls per load, you can make one or two calls per load while relying on Trucker Tools to do the heavy lifting. That reduction in check-calls ultimately reduces your cost per load and gives you more time to find and book more loads.

To reduce your cost per load even further, use the powerful freight matching and searching tools that are included with Smart Capacity. Smart Capacity streamlines your capacity searches by letting you search within your preferred carrier network. Smart Capacity also offers load matching suggestions based on your previous bookings, so that you spend less time searching for qualified capacity. Use Smart Capacity’s Book It Now tool to automate load booking and reduce the cost per load even further.

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity often comes in at a lower price point than other visibility solutions, as well. If greater tracking accuracy, fewer check-calls, higher visibility compliance, and increased efficiency for less than what you’re probably paying your current visibility vendor sounds too good to be true, know that it isn’t. Read this FreightWaves’ article to learn how two logistics providers are doing just that with Trucker Tools: Choptank and Syfan: Trucker Tools improved visibility at an affordable cost.

If you’d like to schedule a demo of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity, call 703-955-3560 or email

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