February 24, 2020 | TruckerTools

Carriers: How Book-It-Now Can Reduce Your Workload, Increase Drive Time

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Minutes and hours matter when you’re a trucker. When you spend an hour or two searching for and securing a truck load, it means you have an hour or two less for driving and making money. That’s why we’re excited about Book-It-Now, our new fully automated freight booking platform for brokers and carriers.

Book-It-Now eliminates the back and forth phone calls you make to brokers to find out if a load is still available and to negotiate rates. With Book-It-Now, you can search for loads, submit counter offers and book loads directly from Trucker Tools’ free driver app in a matter of seconds.

Put the Chaos of Load Boards in Your Rearview

Using load boards to find high-quality freight can be an exercise in frustration. Finding a good truckload can take time and even when you do find one on a load board, you have to call the broker/3PL to confirm the details and that the load is actually still available. If the load has been taken, you’re back at square one with your search for loads.

If the load is still available, you’ll need to negotiate the rate with the broker/3PL. It can sometimes take four or five calls to a broker/3PL to confirm and book a single load, which can really hurt your productivity and reduce the time you have for driving.

How Book-It-Now Works

One of the most powerful tools we’ve included in the Trucker Tools free driver app is our digital freight platform, which gives you access to live open load information that comes directly from the transportation management systems of brokers and logistics companies. You can search Trucker Tools’ digital freight platform by location/lane, broker name(s) and dates. Each load listed in the platform includes all the information you need: the broker’s name and contact info, weight, type of equipment needed, number of stops, date, lane and deadhead miles.

When you see a freight load with a yellow Book-It-Now banner next to it in our digital freight platform, that means you have the option for one-click load booking directly in the Trucker Tools’ driver app — no calls to the broker are necessary. Don’t like the rate listed on a Book-It-Now load? Simply submit a rate quote using the thumbs down arrow. If you want to accept the load at the listed rate, tap on Book-It-Now. Doing so will automatically book the load in the broker/3PL’s TMS and generate an automated email to you and your dispatcher that includes the details of the load.

Book It Now

Suggested Future Truckloads

The confirmation email that you receive when you book a Book-It-Now load through Trucker Tools’ driver app includes suggestions for future loads. These suggestions  are based on the destination of the load you just booked and your load search history. Book-It-Now’s future load suggestions help further reduce the amount of time that you spend on finding and booking high quality loads and reloads. Less time on finding loads and reloads ultimately leaves you with more time for driving and making money — and what’s not to like about that?

Learn more about how Book-It-Now can benefit you and your trucking business by reading Carrier Business Tip: Use Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now to Increase the Profitability of your Trucking Business.

To download Trucker Tools’ free driver app, which includes our digital freight platform with Book-It-Now, visit

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