December 6, 2022 | TruckerTools

Elevate Your Shipper Service with Real-Time Visibility

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While the demand for truckload capacity has softened considerably over the last few months, competition among freight brokers is higher than ever. With lower freight volumes due to lower demand for physical goods, the pressure is on you as a freight brokerage to elevate your shipper service game to keep the customers that you have — and to attract prospective customers. One of the most impactful decisions you can make to increase your service levels is to implement a real-time, digital visibility technology that you can count on. Accurate and reliable real-time load tracking data can give you an edge against your competitors, especially when it’s Trucker Tools’ technology. 

Read on to learn more about how Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility can help you elevate your shipper service game

Provide Faster Customer Response Times with Trucker Tools’ Automation

Instead of relying on manual check calls or load tracking apps that give you unreliable tracking data, choose the industry’s best in class real-time visibility technology, Trucker Tools. Trucker Tools leverages the perennially popular Trucker Tools driver app and the GPS tech native to the trucker’s smartphone to provide you with real-time load location updates every five minutes. You can view these updates in our load tracking software platform or in your TMS. Access to accurate, real-time load tracking data means you can provide precise location updates and ETAs to your shippers — and much faster than you can with check calls or unreliable tracking tech.  

Document Imaging To Meet Your Shippers’ Requirements

Does your customer require that you provide multiple photos upon delivery? If so, that’s not a problem if your driver is tracking with the Trucker Tools driver app. At the end of a digital load track with the Trucker Tools driver app, you can automatically prompt the driver to upload photos required by your shipper, whether they need photos of delivery documents or the goods transported. When a driver uploads and sends you photos through the Trucker Tools app, you’ll receive images nearly instantly via our real-time load tracking software platform. From there, you can quickly forward the photos on to your customer. Your quick response time to shippers with their required images can make you stand out from your competitors.

One-Click ELD Integrations Drive High Tracking Success

At Trucker Tools, we recognize that drivers have different preferences when it comes to digital load tracking. With this in mind, we’ve integrated our real-time visibility software with more than 90 of the most popular driver ELDs. We’ve even partnered with a few of these providers like Verizon and Motive to make ELD integration as easy as a single click for drivers. Our broker customers who offer ELD-integrated load tracking in addition to load tracking with the Trucker Tools app achieve tracking success rates above 90 percent. That means that they have near 100 percent visibility of the loads they broker, which in a crowded field of freight brokers and 3PLs makes them stand out for their ability to meet even the toughest shipper visibility KPIs.

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